Wednesday, August 12, 2020

Here Are Some Awesome Socially Distanced Vacation Activities

 Are you interested in exploring some awesome vacation activities this year? Due to the current climate, it can be difficult to know what adventures are going to be safe. Here are some of the best possibilities that we recommend you consider. 


First, you might want to consider going fishing. Fishing is a great option because you can get out on the water by yourself, basically away from everyone. You just need to make sure that you know the basics before you go and this is always going to depend on the fish that you are planning to catch. For instance, if you are new to walleye fishing, this guide is sure to provide the answers that you need. If you do your research, you can have a lot of fun with activity and you could bring home a lot of fish. 

Mountain Biking 

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If you’re a little more of a daredevil, then you could consider going mountain biking. While this can be a fun family activity, it always will depend on the track that you are exploring. You need to make sure that you will be able to handle both the bumps and turns that you could encounter. It will be important to ensure that you don’t end up falling off your bike. Remember to think about the skill level of everyone in your party rather than just yourself. You’ll also need to explore whether you can hire mountain bikes or if you will need to bring your own. 


Of course, if you want to isolate completely, then you could consider going camping. There’s nothing better than heading out into the wilderness and enjoying a relaxing vacation. If you do this, make sure that you consider what social distancing measures are in place for a potential campsite that you are exploring. You can of course rough it completely but you do need to think about whether this is going to be legal. It also could be worth exploring glamping. That’s a great choice if you hate the idea of sleeping on the ground but love the concept of being out in the middle of nowhere. It’s a luxurious form of camping that’s difficult to resist. 

Wild Swimming 

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If you want to avoid the public pools, and we wouldn’t necessarily blame you, there is the option of wild swimming. Wild swimming refers to taking a dip in an outdoor, unmanned location such as a river, lake or even a beach. It is important to note that if you don’t complete the right research then wild swimming can be dangerous. However, usually, you will be able to escape the crowds. There are also multiple guides online that provide details on areas that are safe for wild swimming. This activity is not advised if you are not a strong swimmer as there can be underwater currents as well as the risk of a riptide. 

We hope you love these ideas and look forward to exploring these possibilities on your own vacation or perhaps a weekend away. 

Tuesday, August 11, 2020

Fly Out Safe & Secure: What You Should Be Aware When Booking Flight Tickets

  The COVID pandemic sure has hit hard, affecting normal living and business everywhere. For those who had spent months planning that sweet getaway from the mundane and clockwork of daily life sure will find it frustrating to now be stuck at home. However, do not feel so down as life will soon get on track to normalcy and eventually you will be able to fulfill the plan you have been planning for so long. Here are some tips to aid you in your next trip.

1. Identify the cheapest day to fly out: You might want to conduct prior research on flight tickets before the eventual day. Several companies like (طيران الاتحاد) Etihad Airways often have their tickets cheaper when booked weeks in advance. 

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2. Cheapest place to fly out: a frequent query is which place is the cheapest place to fly out. This, however, depends entirely on where you are flying to and where from and the frequency of flights between the destination.

3. Befriend budget airlines: Tigerair Australia is considered by many to be one of (ارخص طيران) The cheapest flight airline in the world. It is not as polished as some of the more reputable ones but it is the cheapest. If you are looking for more budget-friendly without compromising in the name of comfort than Etihad Airways or Westjet are comfortable choices one can decide upon. 

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4. Set Price Alerts: Flight prices are not static and can change in a moment's notice. Thus it is recommended to turn on the price alert feature so you are informed of any changes in price rates.

5. Book Early…But Not Too Early: flights booked earlier are much cheaper than overnight bookings however customers often make the novice mistake of booking it too early. A recommended period is 3 weeks.

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6. Buy flights ticket in bulk: A bulk purchase allows customers to purchase tickets in wholesale rates. This is a very economical option to consider when purchasing tickets for a large group. Contact the airline for queries on the procedure.

7. Don’t Always Fly Direct: One can debate on the merits and demerits however if you are traveling a long-distance flight. It is much more economical to fly a non-direct flight. Of course, direct flights are quicker however it is far more expensive and left best for short distances instead.

8. Book your connecting flights: if your destination demands a connecting flight, it is much more economical to book your connecting flights. Book your connecting flight with ample hours in between so you can have some time in the event of a delay.

9. Check if it's cheaper to pay in other currencies: some countries offer subsidization in flight rates. If you are flying out, check the rates of your flight when paid in different currencies.

10. Check out for coupons and offers: flight bookings often have festive sales or tie-ins with other companies who provide customers with coupons and discounted rates on flight prices. Do some research and dig up online for any offers and discounts on flight prices.

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Saturday, August 8, 2020

Quick Guide to a DIY Backyard Pergola

 When you have a family, having a space outdoors to relax in, as well as for the children to play in, is a must. That extra space to play can be so useful, especially in the height of the summer. Having a patio or a decking space is great, but what about creating a pergola to enjoy outside? It can be a place to grow shrubs, as well as get a little shade, which can be a great idea with kids. Not to mention just a blissful and peaceful space to rest, sit, and read, outdoors. Imagine it with a hanging chair or hammock and you’ve created the ideal space. 

Thinking about making a pergola from a DIY point of view, it can be pretty straightforward, and in terms of time that it takes, versus how much use you will get out of it, you will be winning. It requires some pretty inexpensive materials, just some tools and some basic DIY skills in order to make it a reality. Having a simple pergola means that you create a basic square, with posts, rafters, crossbeams, and lattice if preferred. If you are interested in the idea of building your own, then here are some of the steps that you need to think about.


Getting the right tools

There are some specific tools that you will need in order to make your pergola dreams a reality. For example, you should start off with getting an impact driver drill. You can click here for more info about it, but basically, an impact driver is designed to drive long deck screws or long bolts into wooden posts. For a wooden pergola, this is a must. Team that up with a leveler, and you’ll be able to put the beams together, and make them level and even, really easily. A long leveler would be best, as a pergola will reach quite high. You’ll want to make sure that you are keeping things level as you go up. If you haven’t got pieces of wood that are cut to size, then a saw is a must too. 

The process, in brief

After you have cut the posts, the crossbeams, and the rafters to the size that you want, you need to secure one of the cross beams to two of the posts. A long screw will be needed as it needs to reach through both of the posts. It is just important to make sure that the top of the beams are the same distance all the way around. 

Next you need to raise the sub assembly, by moving the posts into deep holes. Then attach some temporary cross braces to the posts, with some drywall screws. Now you need to drive a stake in the ground, around four feet away from each of the posts. By using a level, you can then fasten the braces to the stakes so that it can all hold in place. 

Now is the time to put two rafters up on the cross beams and then strap the level on to the top with a rope or bungee cord. Then you can make the decking screws loose, and raise or lower the main beam slightly, until you have it where it is level. Keep repeating the leveling process until it has been leveled on all sides. Add the next two cross beams with the same process. 

With your saw, unless they have already been cut, cut down the posts to a desired height, using the cross beams as a guide to keep things balanced. Then a neat cut is going to be much more likely.

Now you need to attach rafters by using at least eight screws. What you need to do is to drive each of the decking screws in at an angle, through the rafter, in the center of each of the cross beams.

Now you need to lay down the slats in each place, and secure them in place to the rafters. The frame pieces that are going to face the inside of the pergola are made with one side of lumber. In order to build the frame, then you need to cut the horizontal frame pieces in order to keep the same distance between the posts. 

Once the basic frame is built, you can add things in like a planter box or a bench. Once the pergola is put together, it is recommended to add some stain to get the desired color. 

Have you thought about using a pergola in your yard before? It would be great to hear what you think.

Tuesday, August 4, 2020

Top 3 Reasons To Move to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

If you’ve been looking for a great East Coast city to relocate your family to but are tired of the expense, crowds and hustle and bustle of well-known metropolises like Boston or New York City, you may want to give Philadelphia, Pennsylvania a closer look. Whether you’re searching for luxury apartments in Manayunk or hope to crash with a friend, the City of Brotherly Love could be perfect for you. If you’re a fan of rich history, unique neighborhoods or simply all-around affordability, there are plenty of great reasons to consider Philadelphia for your next home. Check out the top three. 
1. It's Surprisingly Affordable 
Unlike pricier nearby cities, Philadelphia comes with a surprisingly accessible price tag. In fact, cost of living expenses can be half that of similar cities! Other aspects of the city, like its famous culinary scene, are within reach, too, especially given the recent increase in job opportunities. 

2. You Might Not 
Need a Car If you’re tired of having to constantly get in the car, fill up with gas and drive everywhere, you’ll be happy to know that Philadelphia is a pretty walkable city. The outstanding public transit system and bicycle-friendly culture mean you can more than get by without a car

3. There Are Several Major Historical Attractions
If you’re looking for a place with countless family-friendly attractions and a long, storied history, Philly more than fits the bill. The city was founded all the way back in 1682, was once the largest city in the United States and played a key role in the founding of the country. 

When you’re searching for the next place for your family to call home, there are several great reasons to keep Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on your short list. From a long, unique history to kitschy, walkable neighborhoods to a surprising level of affordability for a major East Coast city, Philly has something for everyone. Be sure to keep this underrated town on your radar. It could just be the perfect place for you and your family!

Tuesday, July 28, 2020

Are Car Covers Good for Your Engine?

You probably already know that car covers are good for protecting the paint job and interior of your vehicle. However, you may wonder whether it can help to protect other aspects of your vehicle. Perhaps most significantly, especially for classic and antique cars, you are likely concerned about the engine and other key mechanical components.
Protector-4 Breathable Fleece Lined Outdoor Car Cover - Size 4XL ...

Does a Cover Protect the Engine?
The short answer is that, yes, a cover can help to protect the engine. Although vehicle engines are designed to be able to get a little wet and dirty without running into any issues, allowing dirt and debris to build up and sit can cause damage to the engine. Whenever you are storing a vehicle, it is best to protect it as much as possible from the elements.
Of course, if you are storing the vehicle inside with good quality garage flooring, a cover is going to do relatively little to protect the power train. However, if you need to store it outdoors or otherwise think that your vehicle may fall victim to a lot of dirt, a cover is a great way to protect the engine (you should use at least a dust cover even when storing indoors).
What Else Can You Do To Protect Your Vehicle?
It is a good idea to prepare your vehicle before storing it. A cover can do a lot but will not offer total protection for a poorly prepped car.
For example, you likely want to get your vehicle up on some jacks or car ramps to change the oil and filter before storage. Changing the fluids is a good way to make sure your vehicle is stored with a relatively clean inside.
In a similar vein, you should always store your vehicle with a full fuel tank. This may be z slightly counter intuitive idea but having a full tank can help to minimize rust and corrosion from moisture and air in the fuel system. Plus, it is a good idea to add a fuel stabilizer or corrosion inhibitor. Most fuel at the pump is only rated for three months of use. Using the additive will help to protect your engine. Make sure to drive it briefly after adding the additive.
Finally, disconnect the battery and remove the battery before putting on the cover. Remember to place the battery in a battery box, don’t leave it directly on the concrete floor. While most modern batteries can be left on the floor without issue, there is no reason to risk it. Older batteries will cause damage to the floor and themselves.
It may be a good idea to plug the tailpipe if you are concerned about any pests getting in. Finally, if you have an especially low vehicle, you may have trouble with a normal jack or ramps. Consider a low profile billet aluminum jack in these cases.
Get Ready to Store Your Vehicle
With the right equipment and preparation, you can protect your car paint and engine while storing it. Just follow the above tips and make sure to invest in a high-quality cover.

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Monday, July 27, 2020

Estate Jewellery: A Guide To Sourcing And Buying

Before we delve into the topic, we feel it is important to define ‘estate jewellery’. Simply put, estate jewellery is pre-owned, in other words, used, yet the term estate jewellery can also refer to a fine jewellery collection that is either up for auction or is presented for sale by a commissioned antique dealer.

Where To Find Estate Jewellery

One of the best places to look is your local auction house, where middle-class families that are looking to raise money offer their family jewellery collection for sale, either as a single lot, or by individual pieces. It is time-consuming to attend such events, but if you have a love of fine antiques, then this will be a pleasure. You can expect to meet quite a few antique dealers at auctions, as these are a prime acquisition strategy for a dealer, and you can often pick up bargains, if you know what to look for.

Local Antique Dealers

Perhaps the most productive way to view fine estate jewellery is to forge an alliance with a local antique dealer, while an online search will reveal estate jewellery from UK's top dealers who are respected in the antique community. In the UK, antique dealers have created a digital network, which allows them all to share information about pieces for sale, and when you are looking for a specific item, the dealer can access the network and find exactly what you are looking for.

Online Resources

In order to recognise a bargain when you see one, you need to educate yourself on the various eras and styles, taking note of well-known jewellery makers, and all of the information you need is freely available online. If, for example, you have a love of pocket watches, then learn what you can online and make an alliance with a local antique dealer, who can assist you when souring time pieces.

Knowing the Market

This only comes with experience, and until you are able to value an item accurately, you are advised to turn to an antique dealer, as he or she would have the knowledge to ensure that you are not paying too much and the piece is, in fact, genuine. If you are looking to specialise in one era or period, this will help you to become knowledgeable quickly, as you can focus on this when learning. If you have some old jewellery that you wish to sell, just a quick search on Google should lead you to articles that offer tips on how to avoid getting scammed.

If you have the time, spending Sunday mornings at local car boot sales and flea markets might produce results, although don’t expect to find an Aladdin’s cave, but you might get lucky and encounter something rare and valuable. No matter how knowledgeable you are, there’s a lot of luck involved when searching for estate jewellery, and perhaps the best solution is to approach a local antique dealer, who can source any item with ease.

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How to Spice up Your Next Vacation

When you go on vacation, it's easy to get stuck going to the same location every time because you know you'll have fun and you know how much everything costs. However, your vacation is a chance to take risks and have an adventure. Next summer, spice up your travels with these ideas.

See Your Favorite Basketball Team on the Road
If you've been avidly following a basketball team for all its TV games, it's time to take your fandom to the next level. Purchase tickets for some of your team's away games, preferably in a few different locations so you can take a long road trip. Pack your gear, find some good travel snacks, and set out in your car. Don't forget to purchase accommodations in each city and to research new restaurants to try. Examine the game schedule and see if you have extra time to visit the cultural sites near your destination. If this seems like too much planning, learn more about travel packages, which allow you to purchase your tickets, accommodations, and more in one step.

Go Camping
Sometimes going to a polluted beach and staying in a jam-packed hotel full of loud people who don't sleep until 3 AM doesn't fulfill your expectation of getting away from it all. To really unplug from the world around you and enjoy the serenity of nature, plan a camping trip. Research the state and national parks in your area to find one that has camping sites and plenty of hiking. If you don't already have a tent, buy one and practice putting it up in your backyard several times before you leave. Pack plenty of food and, unless you know how to cook over a fire, a propane stove. Check the park's guidelines on food storage, since parks that have trouble with bears require visitors to keep their food in their cars. Remember, cell service is often unreliable in parks, so tell your loved ones that you'll be out of contact for a few days.

When you go on vacation, it's easy to become frustrated about how things aren't living up to your expectations. One great way to get around this feeling is to go somewhere you've never been before and try new activities. Even if you're not ready to visit new basketball stadiums or go camping, the next time you go to the beach, make sure to add a different activity to your repertoire.