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Create a 5-Star Business Plan by Following These Top Steps

Writing a business plan can be a daunting experience, especially if you have never actually done it before. That being said, you can’t put it off or ignore it. If you do, then you may find yourself in a dire situation that you just can’t pull yourself out of.
Tailor your Plan
You should always start out your plan by focusing on your audience. Think about it, who is going to need your plan? Who is going to be funding your idea? It’s so important that you are able to tailor different parts of your plan to meet your audiences’ needs. For example, if you need to create a plan so that you can attract a potential investor then they may be looking for an explanation of how they are going to get a return.
Research your Market
Investors place a huge amount of focus on market knowledge. You have to make sure that you do your research and that you also detail as much information as you can in your business plan. Showing a high level of awareness will really help you out here, as it will help you to identify your strengths and your weaknesses. When you are researching your market, it helps to make sure that nobody else has the same name as you. If they do, then you could be infringing on their trademark. If you want to find out more about that then check out this American trademark guide.
Know your Competition
If you want to understand your market then you need to make sure that you recognise your competition, who they are and what they stand for. You may think that competition is a bad thing, but this is not the case at all. In fact, competition can be healthy because it encourages you to stay focused on what’s ahead and it also helps you to evolve your idea to the point where it can last a lifetime.
Source: Pexels (CC0 License)
Your business plan shouldn’t waffle. It should always get right to the point, but that being said, you have to make sure that it includes enough detail so that the other party can actually understand your business. Your plan should make people believe in your ability and it should also showcase your professionalism too. If your business plan is full of miscalculations, spelling errors or even unrealistic assumptions then this won’t be doing you any favours and you may even find that it does more harm than good.
Your business plan’s financial information will probably come under some degree of scrutiny. Your cash flow should always be documented in full and you also have to make sure that your sales predictions are very well-founded. If they aren’t then your investors will find out about this information very quickly. Sure, costs are easier to predict when compared to sales, but you have to make sure that you are basing your information on some degree of fact. If you don’t then your investors will see right through it.

4 of the World’s Most Amazing Fishing Spots

Do you spend every holiday lounging around by the pool with a cocktail by your side, secretly wishing that you were camped out in front of a lake with a fishing rod in your hand instead? Maybe it’s time you put your foot down and inform your other half about just how desperate you’re to go on a fishing holiday.
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Once they relent and give you your wish, you need to set about the task of choosing the very best travel designation possible. To help you make the right decision in this instance, be sure to do your research on the four amazing fishing spots listed below.

Paros, Greece
The Greek island of Paros is a Mecca for keen fishermen and fisherwomen like yourself. In particular, the fishing village of Naoussa, which can be found in the north of the island, is where people from around the world flock to in order to cast their bait; boasting one of Europe’s most impressive harbours, you’ll be sure to make a catch of two when you spend your time fishing here. Throw in the fact that Naoussa is arguably the most beautiful place to be found in Paros — or even in the whole of Greece, for that matter — and everything about booking a trip here becomes that much more appealing.

Fear not, a fishing holiday in this part of the world doesn’t necessarily have to entail camping out in front of the harbor day and night. There are plenty of luxury villas in Paros, each of which being full of amenities that will be sure to make your Greek fishing holiday as comfortable as it can be.

Kola Peninsula, Russia
With snow that falls ten feet deep, reindeer herds in every corner, and dazzling polar lights to be seen overhead — during the wintertime, the Russian Kola Peninsula is a real-life winter wonderland. Once the warm weather sets in, however, this arctic paradise quickly transforms into a fisherman’s dream. Come spring, the Umba River starts flowing and thousands upon thousands of salmon find themselves swimming along it.

Cairns, Australia

If you think you’re up to the challenge of catching the legendary giant black marlin, you need to head to Cairns, Australia. Located on the Great Barrier Reef, this is the perfect place to travel to if you want to put your fishing skills to the test.

Oostduinkerke, Belgium

If you want to try out a unique form of fishing, then you should book a trip to Oostduinkerke, Belgium. Here, you will be able to fish shrimp and prawns like the locals — via horseback. You will ride out into the sea on the back of a sturdy stallion in an attempt to scare the little critters up to the surface. You will then be tasked with catching them from your high vantage point atop of the steed. To ensure that you are up to this arduous task, you should have previous experience in equestrianism.

Take a trip to any of the fishing hotspots listed above, and you’ll be sure to have the holiday of a lifetime.

Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Learning How To Cut Your Vices One By One

In life, we have all got our little vices and this means that while we feel that they make us who we are, if we want to live a better life we have got to figure out how to cut them out of our lives. Vices may not be that incredibly detrimental to health, especially if they are something like sweets, but as parents or people looking to push their way further up the career ladder, it's all about fine-tuning and self-improvement. Making yourself operate as a better version of yourself is crucial. With this in mind how, can you learn to cut those little vices one by one?

Don't Cut All Your Vices At The Same Time 
Many people feel that, in order to successfully withdraw from any sort of substance or vice, that they have to go cold turkey. It all depends on the individual. But if you are looking to cut down on something like smoking, as well as your alcohol intake, or improve your diet, it can be a recipe for disaster because you are overwhelming yourself. A lot of people view this as a major test on their mental strength, but we will touch on this later on. It's important that if you are to successfully cut things out of your life you've got to do them one by one rather than trying to get of them all at the same time. In one respect, quitting unhealthy vices can be about making a substitution, which we have learnt from people that undergo withdrawal for major drug addiction. When it comes to something like smoking, you can purchase vape kits or nicotine patches, and these are all simple ways for you to slowly wean yourself off the problem. By cutting all your vices at the same time, this could very well result in a relapse.

Getting Yourself Mentally Strong 
Because people view it as a test of their character, many people feel that they can just go cold turkey without consequence. But we have to remember that something like an addiction isn't just about the mind, it is the physical sensation as well. Getting yourself mentally strong to overcome something can prove to be a shock to the system, and could prove to be too much. Getting yourself mentally strong to give up a vice is a bit different than an addiction. Because it's important for you to give up these things one by one, you are faring better when it comes to the long game. Think about who you were doing this for. Are you doing it for your children? Because if you have a goal, this makes it more tangible, which gives you the motivation to give up the substance. As well as this, getting yourself mentally strong is about improving your own abilities to withstand conflict, not just outside of your body, but within yourself as well. There are going to be temptations, as well as social pressures. And it's these things that we need to give consideration to so we can fare better in the long run. There is no harm in actually staying away from certain social groups that can cause you to relapse. Getting yourself mentally strong isn’t about avoidance, however, but it's about ensuring that you arm yourselves with the right tools so you can tolerate these things better.

Increasing Your Tolerance 
One of the symptoms of addiction is tolerance. The more you get addicted to something, regardless of the substance, the more you can tolerate it. We have to remember that tolerance is a psychological and a physical process. And when you experience something for the first time, whether it's an abundance of sugar or alcohol, it can be overwhelming or it could be pleasurable. And this is when you start to repeat the behavior and therefore decrease your sensitivity to it. And as tolerance develops, you may want to have more but this means that withdrawal symptoms are experienced because your craving isn't sated. And while preparing yourself to give up a substance, you have to think about how your body and mind will cope. This is why mental strength is key but you have to be prepared for the unpreparable. And when you start to go on the road to quitting, it is certainly easier to fall off the wagon than it is to stay on. And this is why it a goal is crucial but you've also got to think about the conflict within yourself. You may actually change aspects of your behavior, but this is when there are things that you can do to cope. A very good example is to exercise. This gives you a handy distraction, while putting your body through its paces, and increasing endorphins. But also, if you exercise enough that you are exhausted, you will be able to fall asleep, and hopefully, these little aspects will ease you through the process of giving up something.

Understanding The Long Game Of Addiction
Addiction and vices appear to be polar opposite terms. When you think about vices, they are little things that seem insignificant in terms of your health. But if you want to give up these things you've got to understand that addiction is part of what makes a vice a vice. And this means that when we are trying to give up something we have to be prepared for something like a relapse. These all very major terms, and while they may seem insignificant when it comes to giving up something like sugar, you have to remember that your body will produce a certain reaction and it's far easier for you to have that cake rather than push through. But when we fall off the wagon, getting back on is more important. We have to remember that addiction is something that can stay with us for life, and it's all dependent on the substance as well as our own mental reserves. But if you ever find yourself trying to give up something, especially something like smoking for the sake of your loved ones, you have to remember that there will be times when you will need a cigarette or you will fall off the wagon for a while. But if you get back on this is one of the ways in which you can learn to cut your vices one by one.

Amsterdam Houseboats

⬅️⬅️⬅️ see them everywhere in Amsterdam!

After WW2, the city suffered from a housing shortage and lving on water became popular. The Dutch saw an opportunity in retrofitting a surplus of old cargo ships into affordable living spaces.
According to our tour guide, there are 2500 houseboats line in Amsterdam canals and many have been afloat for more than a century.

Also, Amsterdam has laws about the houseboats and the wooden ones need to be repainted every three years.

The houseboats in Amsterdam are permanently anchored to a specific address. A special permit called a ligplaats entitles a houseboat owner to moor their home in a certain spot. These permits are in high demand, and as with all properties, a prime location significantly increases the value of a houseboat. -

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Compare Cheap Travel Insurance Policies in Australia

Australia is full of adventures and has numerous attractive places to visit for some propose and tops end happiest moments of your life. The whole land has numerous architectural and historical infrastructures which inspire the people and have historical backgrounds.
Image result for australia
Numerous natural wonders are there which you cannot be found anywhere else in the world. Many people take interest and spend their time on different types of activities and to inspire form the natural beauty. There are numerous people who take interests and want to spend their time to enjoy the unique weather experiences in the fresh and pleasant environment.
Almost every part of the Australia is beautiful and has remarkable beauties. Numerous attractive places are available for the people which can be visit in special seasons and when the travel agencies introduce their best travel and tour package plans. In different seasons different types of travel and tours package introduce for the interested communities which enable the interested people to visit and to spend their happy time with their valued relations. 
Best and Inspiring Travel Insurance Plans
Numerous tourists prefers to avail the best travel plans by best travel insurance experience and they never comprise with the qualities and standards to when they are planning to go some and but not saving their coverage. Compare cheap travel insurance policies in Australia and choose the best options which match with your interests and the preferences.
Much type of insurance policies are available for the travelers to which travelers can be choose. Some travel insurance recommended medical emergencies which is a great feature offer by the traveling services an insurance companies. Medical support and proper treatment requires special care but when patients choose to go outside from one country that the situations and lots of threats are involved.
Many countries do not health free health care services, especially for non-citizens. Some travel insurance companies accept their responsibly and meet the challenges to provide their excellent services at the bad times of the patients when they are in situations when anything can be happen at any time but travel insurance accept their challenges and efficiently try to perform their responsible role and meet the objectives of their travelers for which they chose them. 
How to Ask for Best Travel Insurance Plan
Solve your confusion and ask from your travel services which type of travel plans they are operating and which type of insurance plans they are offering to interested tourists as well as for travelers. Numerous travel and tour plans can be conducted anywhere at any time built wise people always take responsibilities and accept challenges to play their roles to safely transfer the travelers and manage unexpected risks with their full devotion and proving maximum comfort during travel plan.
It is the best and inspiring decision that travelers should be careful and inspiring especially when they make arrangements and have other exciting ideas which can be enjoy at Australian land. Compare travel insurance appraisals and you could get a complete package plans for perfect destination. 

MasterChef Junior Live! Tour in San Antonio

Its time to get cooking, because the gastronomically gifted kids of the MasterChef Junior are hitting the road during the popular televised food competition's first ever tour! Featuring head-to-head cooking competitions with past MasterChef Junior all-stars and fan favorites, Q&A sessions, and an overall immersive audience experience fun for all ages.  
Much like the T.V. version, MasterChef Junior Live! is not a casting call and not the production crew, but past participants like Evan (14), Malia (12), Matthew (9), and Jasmine (14) cooking live on stage. It's more like a fun cook off challenge. 
Appetizer: Scallops
Mystery Box:
Malia - Pork Chop
Matthew - Garlic Shrimp
Jasmine - Pan Seared Salmon
Evan - Bison Burger
Dessert: Cupcake Frosting Race

No doubt these kids are very talented and can definitely cook! They are so natural and enjoyable to watch. Plus, they were giving the audience some cooking tips especially on how to cook scallops perfectly. 
 A short clip from Chef Gordon Ramsay.
Each MasterChef Junior participant was assigned an instant sous-chef from the audience. It's entertaining to watch how well the kids gave orders to their sous-chefs. Very professional!
The cupcake tower race was the last highlight of the show. It was really a fun show to watch with the entire family. 
So thrilled to met Evan and Malia in person and even got their personal autographs. They are very down to earth and sweet kids.
Bring the whole family to see MasterChef Junior Live! It’s a recipe guaranteed for a good time! Get your tickets today at

Disclosure: I received complimentary tickets through a partnership with MasterChef Junior Live! and in exchange for my honest review.

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5 Clever Ways to Cut Back on Business Overheads

Image: Rawpixel/Pexels
As a business owner, you know that in order to make money, you have to spend it first. And one of the costliest areas for many businesses comes in the deceptively innocent form of day to day operational costs. While it is a necessary evil, spending too much in this area can mean the end of a new start-up. 
Thankfully, there are several methods you can use to reign in your overheads while still fueling the growth of your business. By cutting back in specific areas, you can save yourself a lot of money and start seeing healthy profits before long. Here are the most effective ways to back on business overheads. 

1. Serviced Office Solutions

In today's high-tech world, where work can be done from virtually anywhere, a traditional office lease isn't a good fit for every company. Serviced office solutions give business owners the ability to rent only the space they need for the length of time that suits them best. The office building is owned by a facility management company and the services they offer include reception and phone answering, housekeeping, building maintenance, and some special amenities. 

2. Go Paperless

In this day and age, it’s cool to go paperless. Most companies have already jumped on the bandwagon at this point, but if you’ve been hesitant, check out these brilliant reasons to get on board. 
Going paperless will save you a ton in ink and paper. You’ll not ever have to worry about running out of either again. It’s also good for the environment as no paper equals less environmental impact. And finally, once you turn all your paper files into digital ones, you might be able to get out of that huge office space and into a serviced office solution that saves you even more money each month. 

3. Get an Accountant

This is a pricey option, but having an accountant on the payroll is a smart way of spending money to save money. Counting every penny coming in and going out, an accountant can spot any trouble areas and recommend solutions for cutting down on spending. In addition, this professional is a tax expert who will probably know of many deductions at tax time that you hadn’t even considered. 

4. Get Rid of Your Traditional Phone Line

There’s no reason these days to pay the ridiculously high prices phone companies charge for traditional landlines. With VOIP options available, as well as Skype and Google Voice, it’s easy to stay connected. In fact, Skype and Google Voice both have mobile apps that allow you to stay in touch no matter where you are. Of course, you may still have to pay for international calls. 

5. Hire Wisely

If you need to hire a new employee, look for one who displays multiple strengths. While it’s not necessary to have a degree in computer science, if your new hire knows how about TCP/IP settings and boasts press release writing skills, they’re a smart choice for your payroll. 
If you would like to ensure business growth and the happiness of your employees, think about offering professional development opportunities on a regular basis. 
Owning and operating a business is expensive. You have to spend money to make money, and while some expenses are unavoidable, it is possible to cut costs here and there. From serviced office solutions to hiring the right people, there are plenty of ways to cut back on overheads to help ensure the on-going success and growth of your business.