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Planning For Your Future In 3 Ways

If you are keen to ensure that your life goes smoothly as much as possible, that will generally mean that you need to plan it out as best as you possibly can. There are many ways to plan for your future, and the better you do it and the more you know how, the more likely you are to find that things work out for you. In this article, we are going to take a look at some of the major ways in which you might want to plan for your future. As long as you have considered some of these, you should find that you are going to have a much brighter future indeed, and that things go to plan much more of the time.
First of all, you should think about saving money, as that is something that is always going to bode well for your future. When you are thinking about saving money, you have to ask yourself how much you are able to put aside each month. The bare minimum that is generally recommended is that you save ten percent, but you should aim to put aside as much as physically possible if you hope to have the brightest future possible. Also think about finding a savings account that is going to work for you, and which has the most generous interest rate possible. If you can do that, you are going to find that you are in a much better position in no time.

Life Insurance
A lot of people fail to think about life insurance until much later on in life. However, the earlier that you get a hold of it and start paying into it, the more you are going to have in there, and the more there is for after you are dead - or before if you start to dip into it in your old age. When you are shopping for good life insurance, be sure to find a policy that is actually going to suit you and the situation you are in. That might mean getting specific policies like life insurance with Asperger’s Syndrome, or it could just mean that you want to shop around for one that offers what you are looking for in terms of remuneration. In any case, getting life insurance is great planning for not just your own future, but your family’s too.

Debt Plan
If you are in any debt at all, then it is very useful to put into place some kind of debt plan so that you can hope to be rid of it as soon as possible. Getting rid of your debt is something that is going to make a huge difference to your life, and it will mean that a whole weight is lifted for you not just economically but psychologically too. Figure out a strong plan for paying off your debt and you will find that you have a much better future ahead of you in no time.

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Friday, May 22, 2020

Keep Your Quad Bike Safe With These Tips

This article is published in partnership with Mediabuzzer.

By all accounts, we are in uncertain times. With the world on lockdown in a global pandemic and people either losing their jobs entirely or forced to stay home and miss weeks of work, crime is on the rise. Historically when people don’t have the means to feed themselves or their families they get desperate. Desperation in turn can develop into crime. Since quad bikes are so highly portable and have many small parts that can be stolen, you can be targeted. Here are some ways to keep your quad bike safe.
Photo: Pixabay

Tracking Technology
We live in a rapidly evolving technological age. This comes with many benefits including constantly upgraded and re-upgraded gadgets and apps. After all, the CPU in your smartphone is far more advanced than the computer that took humans to the moon. 

Opportunities such as road legal quad bike finance from Quadbikes R Us has allowed quad enthusiasts such as yourself to own the vehicle they want. You want to ensure that your quad is kept safe from thieves. One of the surest ways to make sure your quad can be recovered, and recovered fast, in the event of theft, is by inserting a GPS tracker in it. It sounds like some straight James Bond stuff, but you can hop online and buy a personal GPS tracker for under £30. They are small and easy to hide, so put it in a place where it won't be seen and then you can track your quad through an app on your phone. Another added benefit of this is safety. If your kids take out the quad and have been gone for what seems like too long, get on your phone and see where they are. This could help avert a major emergency if they have gotten into trouble. 

Out of Sight, Out of Mind
One of the best ways to keep your quad bike safe in these uncertain times is good old fashioned hide and seek. Make sure to place your quad well out of the line of sight in a secure location. What a potential thief can’t see, they likely won’t devise a plan to steal. Having expensive equipment or machines in the line of sight increases the risk of being a victim of theft.

Immobiliser Technology
Another surefire way to put off a thief is installing an immobiliser on your quad. It certainly makes a bike a lot harder to steal if the thief can’t start it. Law enforcement reports a significant decrease in the number of quad bikes stolen if they are fitted with a proper immobiliser. Most criminals are after the fastest, easiest way to make quick money. So when they hop on and try to start your bike and are unsuccessful, they are more likely to leave it behind. You can find an immobiliser at most shops.   

Personal Markings
One of the most fun parts of having your own quad bike is being able to make it unique. Adding decals and other markings that add the cool factor to your quad can also be a major theft deterrent. The more unique your machine is, the less likely it will be stolen. This is mainly due to the fact that a bike with markings on it is a big red flag to criminals. 

In most cases if a thief is stealing your bike it’s because they want to “fence” or sell it as quickly as possible. So they will be more likely to target a quad that is as close to factory original as possible to increase the likelihood of a quick sale.

Thursday, May 21, 2020

Six Things Genuine Psychics Will Never Say

Stories about people who visit a psychic and receive a suspicious reading are far too common. Sometimes these suspicious tidings are accompanied by dire warnings of unavoidable tragedies—unavoidable, that is, until the client ponies up large sums of additional money to secure the psychic’s “help.” Don’t fall for the scams. There are red flags you can watch for. Here are six things you will never hear from a genuine psychic.
Red Flag #1: “You're Possessed!”
Some unethical psychics stoop as low as scaring people into believing they're demon-possessed. Even worse, they then claim that only they could exorcise those demons. Of course, at significant cost. It may sound crazy to you, but cautionary tales frequently warn people about psychics who say this very thing.  
As if that isn’t bad enough, these psychics will threaten clients that if they tell anybody else, “you’ll make the demons even angrier,” so the psychic won’t be able to exorcise them! If a psychic pulls this routine on you, run away and don’t ever go back.
Red Flag #2: “You’re Cursed!”
Another version of the “You’re possessed!” storyline is that you’re cursed, and the psychic who discovered your curse is the only person who could lift it. This doesn’t mean that you’re not cursed. It’s unlikely, but you very well could be, and if you are, you’d probably know it. In such a case, any competent professional will be able to help you, not just the deceitful scammer who’s trying to squeeze more money out of you at the moment.
The issue is often not if the person is a legitimate psychic or not, but rather if they’re an honorable businessperson or not. Are they charging you a fair amount for their time and services? Or, are they demanding that you shell out an unreasonable amount because they claim that only they could possibly help you? 
Red Flag #3: “Somebody Wants to Kill You!”
Anyone who’s ever worked as a professional psychic knows that there aren’t any guarantees in the mystical arts. Well-trained intuitive readers are able to look at a spread of tarot cards and discern potential peril and hidden hazards there. But such warnings are never very specific.
Psychics may see hints that somebody in your life may be lying to you, or that somebody you thought you could trust is considering betraying you, or that danger is looming on your horizon or in the future of someone close to you. But no genuine psychic would ever tell you (or anyone else, for that matter) that somebody wants you dead. That’s simply too specific of a prediction to make. They should certainly tell you any less-than-encouraging information they may foresee right along with the more optimistic stuff. But be wary of anybody who tells you anything so specific.
Red Flag #4. “You're a Bad Person!”
Some people end up feeling downright distraught by the end of their psychic reading. Though it may have started well, the reader scolded and shamed the client for some lapse in judgment, leaving the client feeling like a bad person for a past mistake. The psychic fixated on the mistake, and just couldn’t let it go.
But psychics aren’t in business to judge you. Their goals should be to offer consultation, help clients understand the circumstances they’re facing, and help them figure out what potential solutions may be heading their way. They aren’t there to berate you, point fingers at you, or shame you. 
There certainly will be times when psychics need to tell clients things that they may not want to hear. But there’s a huge difference between being honest and forthright about a situation, and being brutal about it. Opinions, judgments, and assumptions need to be left out of the reading.
Red Flag #5. “You’re Terminally Ill!”
It's awful that this scenario needs to be addressed at all. But it’s all too common for psychics to reveal to them that they have an incurable disease. If a psychic ever “diagnoses” you with a specific disease, you should definitely take it as a warning, but not regarding your health. 
A genuine psychic certainly will be able to tell you if you or somebody close to you is facing health issues. But he or she will say something like, “I’m concerned that somebody close to you is facing a medical challenge. Has everybody been seeing their doctors for their regular checkups?”
Even if a psychic does surmise that somebody close to you may not have much time left in this world, no psychic should ever tell you that your Nana will be dead by Thursday. A more professional and ethical approach would be to say something along the lines of, “I’m sensing that your grandma is quite elderly and that you’ve been thinking about spending some extra time together. This would be a good time to do that.”
Telling a client that they or someone close to them have some specific disease or terminal illness would be irresponsible. It doesn’t serve the client’s best interests, so no professional psychic should do that.
Red Flag #6. “You Can't Change the Future!”
Are we doomed to succumb to the random whims of fate, or can we affect what destiny has in store for us? Nobody can prove for certain, but everyone can control what will happen to them. This means that if you’re unhappy about the direction your life is taking, your choices can change its course. These changes may need to be made slowly and individually, but you can make them.

So, be skeptical if a psychic says that everything he or she is telling you is set in stone. This is your journey. The choices are yours. The path is yours to direct. Only you get to decide where it will lead you!

Belgian Waffles

⬅️⬅️⬅️ No visit to Brussels is complete without waffles! But holy cow, I've never seen so many combinations of waffles in my life! Belgium is indeed heaven for waffle lovers. No kidding!
Waffles are on sale everywhere you go for 2€ and up. You can paint over your waffle with wonderland of toppings. You name it: Whipped cream? Ice cream? Fruit? Nutella? Maple syrup? Powdered sugar? Melted Belgian chocolate? The choice is yours!

I personally enjoyed the regular one with a dash of powdered sugar as it has the original taste of the waffle; on the contrary, my husband went overboard on! He ordered the Lieges waffle with lots of toppings and shared it with the girls.

What you may not know is that there are actually two different types of waffles in Brussels: Brussels waffle (what I had) and Lieges waffle.
Now I can't stop thinking about Brussels everytime I think of waffles and chocolates!

4 Efficiency Upgrades That Will Cut Your Utility Bills

Rising utility bills can be alarming, and rates aren't likely to go down anytime soon. Cutting back on your use of electricity can help rein costs in. Start with small efficiency upgrades and, as you start to see the benefits you can move on to bigger, more impactful ones. Knowing where to focus your attention can help you notice results fast.
French, Bi-fold and Patio Doors Explained - Timber Windows North
1. Upgrade Your Windows and Doors
A lot of your climate-controlled comfort can escape through drafty old windows and doors. When that happens, you lose more than comfort. You are also wasting energy and the money spent on it. If your budget allows, replace older windows and doors with new, energy-efficient models. Don't worry about losing the charm of your older, wooden windows. You can easily add removable wooden window grids to recreate that look in a more energy-conscious window.

If new windows and doors aren't in your budget this year, you can still take action. Add storm doors to help reduce drafts and energy consumption. Plastic window film kits are easy to install and can help reduce heat loss during colder months.

2. Increase the Insulation
Insulation creates a barrier that slows the transfer of air between spaces. It is usually found in exterior walls, attics and under your floors. Unfortunately, many older homes have inadequate insulation -or none at all. Solve this by adding some where it is needed. Learn about the types of insulation that are available to you and what would be best given your home's structure and the access you have to each area.

3. Swap Out Old Lights
One of the easiest and most affordable upgrades you can make is swapping out traditional incandescent bulbs for new LED ones. Compared side by side, LED bulbs use about 75% less energy and last up to 25 times longer. While saving a few dollars per bulb over the course of a year may not seem like much, it can add up to hundreds of dollars when you consider all the lights in and around your home.

4. Add a Programmable Thermostat
For most people, heating and cooling make up the biggest part of your household utility bills, so cutting back can add up to big savings. A programmable or smart thermostat allows you to heat and cool the house when you need to, and not when you aren't home to appreciate it. A change of seven degrees over eight hours of each day can reduce your heating costs by as much as 10%.

The right efficiency upgrades can help reduce your energy consumption and lower your utility bills. While some involve major renovations, others can be done in a couple of hours for results you will see in next month's bills.

How to Make Your Home More Secure

Everyone wants to make their home as secure as it can be and there are lots of ways of making it happen. If you’re worried about the home being vulnerable to burglaries and things of that nature, it makes sense to start making some changes to your home that’ll vastly improve its overall security. We’re going to talk about some of the changes you might want to put in place and why they’ll make a difference to the overall security of your property going forward.

Don’t Hide a Key
When you hide a key under the doormat or the flowerpot next to your door, you’re asking for problems. When you do that, you might make things easier for you but you’ll also make it easier for burglars, so this is something that you should probably stop doing. It could also invalidate an insurance claim that you might make in the aftermath of a burglary, so don’t take the risk.

Light Up the Exterior Around Your Home
Having the home’s exterior properly lit up is important because it’ll allow you to see what’s going on around your home if there’s an issue. But perhaps most importantly, it’ll frighten any potential burglars. They’re usually triggered by motion, so they’ll immediately be in the spotlight if they approach your home during the dark hours of the night.

Secure the Doors and Windows
Next, you should look at the points of entry to your home. Burglars will always look to break into homes that they see as an easy target, so now is the time for you to make your doors and windows more secure. You can do this by contacting a local locksmith and finding locking solutions that are stronger and much harder to break than the ones you currently have in place.

Invest in a Good Alarm System
Your home definitely needs a good alarm system in place. Every home should have one because you never know when someone might try to break in and you want to scare them off and alert the authorities as soon as possible when that does happen. It’s the kind of investment that’s definitely worth making in your home, so what are you waiting for?

Add Security Cameras
This extra option might not be necessary for everyone, but if you really want to take your approach to home security to the next level, you should think about buying and installing some security cameras on your property. They’ll allow you to see exactly what’s going on outside your home without having to leave a place where you’re safe.

Every homeowner wants their home to be as secure as possible, so be sure to put these ideas into practice in your home at the soonest opportunity. Doing so will ensure your home is ready for what’s thrown at it and that any burglars who try to gain entry to the property are doomed to fail.

Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Update Your Kitchen for Less

A full kitchen renovation can cost you thousands of dollars and months of time, but an older kitchen can bring down the mood of your home and even reduce its value. Updating your kitchen does not have to mean gutting and rebuilding it from scratch, however, because you can choose a couple of features to change and make a huge impact. Some relatively cheap and easy kitchen updates include a new paint job for the walls or cabinets, a change in lighting and accessories which fit your lifestyle and the seasons.
90 Kitchen Design & Remodeling Ideas - Pictures of Beautiful Kitchens
Paint With Purpose
A new paint job in your kitchen can mean painting the walls, cabinets or just a feature wall to add new colors to your space. This can brighten up a dark kitchen, cover the wear and tear of your space and even highlight your favorite artwork or family photos. When it comes to painting kitchen cabinets, a new stain or paint color can look like you got new cabinets for a fraction of the cost. You can even find professional painting services to help you chose the right finish and hardware as well as do the job right. This can help save you time and the cost of buying your own equipment, it can also give you more confidence in the quality of the work.

Add Lighting
Older kitchens may have inefficient lighting, outdated fixture styles or other lighting issues that can be fixed with a quick change. You can even have additional or new lighting systems installed for relatively little cost, depending on the wiring of your home. It is important to keep in mind bulb availability and efficiency when choosing new lighting fixtures, giving you energy savings and ease of replacement for the lifetime of the fixture.

Accessorize Seasonally
Even if your budget does not cover new paint or light fixtures, you can probably find a couple of accessories to switch out and give new form and function to your space. Replacing your stools, for example, can give you seating options better suited to how your family uses the space as well as add a pop of color. New window treatments can change the way the light flows through the kitchen and switching them during the different seasons can enhance the effect.

Getting a new look for your kitchen does not have to break the bank. You can add paint to the walls and cabinets, update the lighting fixtures and accessorize to better fit how you use the space. Even the smallest changes can add value to your home in how it looks and functions for your family.