Sunday, December 15, 2019

Top 5 Holiday Gifts for Men

Looking for the right present for any man in your life is always a little tricky, especially when it comes to holiday shopping. So whether you are shopping for something small or big for your husband, boyfriend, dad, brother, grandpa or in-laws, these ideal gifts can put a little holiday cheer and a snap into his step this Christmas.

Philips Norelco Wet & Dry Electric Shaver
This electric shaver adds speed to your morning routine with turbo+ mode and a fast, multi precision blade system. Shaves faster. Also, you get 20% extra power boost in turbo+ mode for close, fast shave - even on dense areas of your beard compared to non turbo mode. The multi precision blades raise, then cut long, short, and flay-lying hairs for a fast shave. Heads flex in 5 directions to ensure close skin contact, even on neck and jaw line. Shave wet or dry. Smart clean system cleans, lubricates and charges your shaver to keep it performing at its best.

DaVinci IQ2 Vaporizer
For connoisseurs who simply want the very best portable, dual-use vaporizer, DaVinci’s newest provides cooler vapor and the ultimate flavor and control. The DaVinci IQ2 Vaporizer empowers you to not only customize your cannabis experience through precision temperature and adjustable air flow, but also empowers you to track and report your dose per draw and per session. The IQ2 is built with purity with medical-grade components. Plus, no metal or plastic parts touch your herb or contaminate the flavor of your vapor.

Miko Shiatsu Foot Massager with Heat & Pressure
With this powerful shiatsu foot massager with air pressure, you’ll be able to enjoy spa grade massages in your own home or office. Best of all, it’s way below the cost of going to the spa, massage parlor, or salon. Enjoy a light or deep massage with kneading at the touch of a button. With the Miko Shiatsu foot massager you have the ability to personalize your massage with various settings. Give your aching feet the luxury they deserve. The foot massager by Miko requires no effort, and does not ask for anything in return; kick back and read your book, watch that movie, have that glass of wine, or do nothing.

Victorinox Swiss Army Pocket Knife
This red handle pocket knife is offered, in a 3.58 closed length and 1.3 thickness. Made of stainless steel material. An ultimate pocket knife for anyone of all trades, hunters, fishermen, handymen or business men. Ideal for outdoor recreation and everyday use.A translucent ruby red cellidor handle that includes large blade, small blade, reamer, punch and sewing awl, can opener, screwdriver 3mm, bottle opener, wire stripper, screwdriver 6mm, scissors, pliers, wire cutters, wire crimper, fish scaler, ruler (inches), hook disgorger, ruler (cm), wood saw, nail file, nail cleaner, metal saw, metal file, magnifying glass, Phillips screwdriver 1 n++ 2, screwdriver 2mm, chisel 4mm, multipurpose hook, toothpick, tweezers, pressurized ballpoint pen, pin, stainless steel, key ring, mini screwdriver and corkscrew.

TitanPower 26800mAh Power Bank
This portable charger is loaded with 26800mAh of power which provides a handy charge so you’re never stranded without a connection to the outside world. With three 2.4A USB ports for simultaneous charging will automatically put your recharge time by 50%, 50% higher efficiency for your phone charge. The DC 5V/2A input means devices charge two time faster compared to tradition chargers. The coolest thing about this power bank is that it can lasts up to 9 days of power.

So there you have it! I hope this simple guide is helpful to you this holiday season.

Friday, December 13, 2019

Using Precious Metals in Your Self Directed IRA

A Unique Way to Invest in Your Retirement
Here’s something your broker probably won’t tell you. Or even if they do, they might not go into a lot of detail about it. But the secret to successfully managing your own tax-advantaged self directed precious metals IRA is just that: precious metals.
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Think about it this way. If you have an ordinary IRA, you can store anything in it. You can use paper assets like actual cash, bonds, stocks or mutual funds documents. However, no matter how strong the paper currency you keep in your IRA, it can and will still decline in terms of purchasing power. The only item that won’t go wrong is bullion.

That’s right. There really is no other way about it. Keeping a precious metal such as gold in your IRA is a good and sensible choice if you want to reap max benefits. Gold can survive drastic price highs and lows even in volatile and unpredictable times such as these. The best thing is that not only can you keep and sell real gold in your tax-advantaged IRA, but you can also withdraw is whenever you want. It’s always in your possession according to the regular IRA distribution guidelines.

Is Gold the Best Choice?
Here’s what you’re probably thinking: if gold and/or silver are such a great choice for my self-directed IRA, why hasn’t my financial advisor told me about it? You’re not alone in asking this important question. It will interest you to know that there are a handful of investors in the United States who keep even low quantities of gold or silver bullion in their IRA. this is because there is a general lack of awareness, which can be blamed at the door of their financial advisors.

Traditionally, financial advisors tell their investors to stick to the more conservative paper assets options. This means that investors only keep ‘diverse’ items such as paper money, bonds, and stocks. Brokers do this because, in this way, they won’t have to lose out on any potential fees for transactions and/or management. They have their own shining stake in the whole process. Brokers don’t actually encourage their clients to opt for true diversification, which would be the addition of precious metals to their IRA.

This is why it’s much better to invest in a self-directed IRA. At least you can take full control of whatever kind of portfolio you want to build. You can also invest directly in other, much more diverse options. Some of these are private companies, estates, and properties, among others. The way to do this is to open your self-directed account and deposit gold/silver bars and coins into it.

Think of it as instant protection from devaluation, which you would have to face, had you invested in paper currency or assets. This also works out because you can physically possess your metals at any time through the IRA distribution process. You don’t have to worry about currency denominations or asset depreciation in any way.

How Precious is Precious?
If you’re looking to hold gold in your IRA, the IRS dictates that it should be around .995 pure. In the case of silver, you’re looking at a cutoff of .999 or higher. There is an exception for gold American Eagles, which were made by the United States Mint and are only .9167 pure. 

The IRS has its own rules but other depositories and IRA financiers have still more guidelines. For example, many IRA custodians require that any bars you want to keep should have a mint mark or some sort of certification to show that they have passed ISO 9001 quality control. This is only a protection method and ensures that you’re not investing in fake or cheap metals.

If you’re interested in keeping precious metals in your self directed IRA, make sure to do proper research and study. You should be able to understand not only IRS guidelines, but the ones that your dealer has as well. If you need help, you can always check the Secretary of State’s website in your state. This will give you key info such as the firm’s health and credibility. If everything checks out, you’re good to go!

Entrepreneur and Author Tim Schmidt, who wrote the bestselling book on Entrepreneurship, Amplifying Average, is one such person who believes in this retirement strategy.  In fact, he set up a website talking all about how to do this, called  

The only good way to go about this is to purchase your precious metal, find a custodian and set up a self-directed tax-advantaged IRA that you can have full control over. There really isn’t a point in going with various dealers who will try to cut corners or handle your account for you. You’re your own best judge!

Thursday, December 12, 2019

Common New Years Resolutions And How We Can Benefit From Them

The end of the year is fast approaching, and we start to think about ways we can improve our lives over the next year; many people are thinking of that new year's resolution for this reason. New years resolutions are obviously full of good intentions, and it's important to note that anyone trying to improve themselves, deserves admiration. They are sometimes very and attainable resolutions that we set for ourselves. And occasionally we end up disappointing ourselves as well. But if our intentions are good, and we set our minds to our new years resolutions, then we should see a positive impact on our lives. Some psychologists believe that new years resolutions are not high for our mental health. Due to the additional pressure. But if you are wise and don't put enough pressure on yourself to become unwell, then they should be helpful for you. So what New Year's resolutions can we look at to help us next year?
Photo by Danil Aksenov on Unsplash

Spend my time as a family
Life is busy, and quite often we are so wrapped up in our work and other commitments, that we forget to spend time with the family. Just a board game every so often or a trip to the beach can be enough to keep your family relationships healthy. When we don't spend enough time together as a family, we end up this disconnected, and arguments can occur. But there are so many beautiful ways in which families can spend time together, that really doesn't take a lot of time and effort, that we should really take advantage of and spend time with each

Improve health
Improving our health is always an excellent idea. Eating more fruit and vegetables, and improving your fitness levels by exercise is going to help your everyday life and overall fitness levels. Once you have a new regime in place, it's more about feeling good in your arms again rather than losing weight. Many people jump on the diet bandwagon in January, but focusing on becoming fitter and healthier is much better overall.

Get out of debt
Getting into that is easy, but getting back out of it can sometimes be very difficult. There are organizations. However, that can help you with that, and help you get back out of the debt once you're in there. LendVia one of those companies that can help restore the balance, and help people with their debt. Of course, we all want to aim to have zero liability, and that is the ultimate goal, so if you focus and do things right, you should be there in no time.

Whatever resolution you decide to choose for the New Year, you may wish to do some research, there are going to be many companies who are very keen to get you on board, such as slimming clubs, and unless you were looking before the New Year, then it's best just to keep on doing what you're doing to make smart choices that are different to before.

Wednesday, December 11, 2019

10 Ways to Monetize Your Blog

Blogging is a fantastic way to express yourself and speak with others about subjects that you are passionate about. However, it’s also a great way to make a living should you have a relatively large audience and a lot of expertise on a subject. You can monetize your blog in hundreds of different ways, but we’re going to list the ten most common methods of making a profit from your blog.

Keep in mind that you can combine virtually all of these methods to make more money from your blog, but your success rate is generally going to depend on how big of an audience you can attract.

1. Affiliate Marketing
Learning affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to start monetizing your blog. It’s essentially connecting with existing businesses such as Amazon or specific companies selling specialised goods, then reviewing or talking about those products on your blog. In the end, you’ll usually add a link to purchase the products which will give you a small commission for each successful sale. You need to be persuasive, have an engaged audience and have excellent search engine optimization in order to be discovered. 

2. Selling eBooks
If you’ve got something to talk about or a specialized topic that you consider yourself an expert in, then you may want to consider writing an eBook and selling it. If you’ve become somewhat of an authority on a subject, then this can be an incredibly lucrative way to earn a living and monetize your blog. You could even sell fiction such as stories and poems if you’ve got a penchant for writing.

3. Email Marketing
Despite what many people think, email marketing is still incredibly strong and a great way to make money via your blog. It’s all about building a list of readers and emailing them about new products and services that they might find interesting. You generally receive some kind of commission at the end of it and your success rate will vary depending on how relevant those services are to your viewers.

4. Advertisements
Advertisements on your blog are one of the most straightforward ways to monetize your blog. It’s worth being careful about how many ads you place on your site since you don’t want to ruin your blog or its content by overloading it with advertisements. Google Adsense is the most common go-to advertising platform for bloggers, but you can also find alternatives if you prefer not to use Google’s services.

5. Sponsorships
Sponsorships can be a fantastic way to make money with your blog, but you need to have a lot of traffic for it to work. You’ll generally approach different businesses that sell a product or service and then ask if they want to collaborate with your website. As long as you mention that a post is sponsored, you won’t get in trouble with the FTC. This involves building good relationships and transparency with your readers but can be an interesting way to show off new products and services while also getting paid for it.

6. Selling Digital Products
Digital products can mean a lot of different things. It could be a digital copy of your music, videos, guides, software or even a subscription to a special blog. There’s no limit to what digital products you can sell and it’s a great way to monetize your blog. However, the digital products you offer need to be high in quality and they need to be relevant to your blog and its readers. You’ll generally need to attach some kind of eCommerce module to your blog, but this can easily be done thanks to the variety of platforms available on the internet today.

7. Selling Educational Content
Educational content such as course videos and guides are always a great product to sell, especially if you’ve become somewhat of an authority on a subject. It’s also a great way to monetize your blog if you’re already selling digital products. For example, if you take on paid artwork commissions from readers, then you can sell educational content such as video guides that explain how you created a certain piece of artwork.

8. Selling Coaching Services
In addition to educational content, you also have an opportunity to coach your readers directly to teach them your skills. This could be anything from coaching to play an instrument to running an online fitness class. There are countless opportunities for selling coaching services, but it does rely on building a large audience in order to get more attention. You’ll need to find some kind of platform or system to help you support coaching services, payments and communication, but it can be a lucrative way to market your knowledge to others.

9. Becoming a Freelancer
If your blog focuses on a specific skill or craft that you consider yourself an expert in, then you could always sell your services as a freelancer and use your website as a platform to find more clients. This is great for creative professionals such as artists, musicians and writers. However, it can also be used for more technical freelancing work such as web design, software programming and even financial advice.

10. Accepting Donations
Although arguably one of the slowest ways to start monetizing your blog, it’s a lot more laid-back than other methods since you’re essentially just asking for money if the reader has anything to spare or if they enjoy what you have to offer. Donations generally only work if there’s some incentive, such as supporting your creative works or if there’s some kind of small gift attached to it.

Hopefully, this article has shown the many ways in which you can monetize a blog. Of course, you need to create excellent content, be consistent and focus on quality if you really want to monetize your blog and turn it into a fully-fledged career, but it’s going to take a lot of time and effort if you want to see good results.

Anne Frank House

⬅️⬅️⬅️ Visiting Anne Frank House|museum was one of the highlights of our trip to Amsterdam.
Reading about Anne Frank's diary/story is one experience but actually being in the place where they hid for 2 years during WWII brings the reality home. It's such a moving experience to walk through the stepping back into a terrible history.

I like the fact that it's a self guide audio tour. I thought the exhibition was very well curated and provides a lot of information. It really puts into perspective how fortunate we are today.
Photos are not permitted but worth the visit.

Anne Frank is one of Amsterdam’s most well known former residents. Now converted into a museum it contains a sobering exhibition about the persecution of the Jews during the war, as well as discrimination in general.

The rooms at the Anne Frank House still portray the atmosphere of the period spent in hiding. Historical documents, photographs, film images and original objects that belonged to those in hiding and those who assisted them help illustrate the events that took place. Anne’s original diary and other notebooks are also on display in the museum. -

Cut Down On Your Food Spend And Wastage With These Tips

Your food shopping bill can be one of those costs that no matter how hard you try, you can never predict. This is normally because many of us don’t have a plan or prepare when it comes to our food shopping. A lot of us can head to our local store and buy what we think we need, sometimes buying too much, often spending more than we should. Which is why, for many of us, we would like to save as much money as we can on our food bill. With that in mind, here are some of the ways you can cut your food shopping bill with some of these cost saving tips. 

Meal planning
Planning your meals in advance can be one of the biggest ways you can save money. It can take a little time to prepare yourself, but once it’s done, you will wonder why you haven’t always done it. All you need to do is sit down and work out the meals you want for the rest of the week. From those meals, you can then create a list to head out to the food store with. You end up only buying what you need, which reduces the overall cost and also what you may waste. 

Save on waste
It’s inevitable, at some point we will buy something that we don’t end up eating or using. For many reasons. You could have decided to eat out as a treat, or working late prevents you from wanting to eat the meal you planned. In that case, you run the risk of wasting the food you bought due to use by dates and them getting spoiled. This is where you can vacuum seal the food and then freeze it to use another time. 
Sometimes the appliances that we use on our homes are not up to scratch, and they need some investment to bring them back to life. This is especially important for food when it comes to a working fridge. Knowing the model, and then getting the right parts, such as Kenmore refrigerator parts, or specific got your model can help. Speaking with an expert in the field can ensure that any issue is fixed in good time. 

Use vouchers and discount codes when shopping
Using vouchers can make a real saving to your overall food bill. You can find them anywhere. In magazines, on store websites or even specific voucher websites online. They only work if you use them on the things you would normally buy. It defeats the object by buying something just because you have a voucher if it’s not something you would normally use. Vouchers can offer money off or a percentage off the prices, either way, the total you save could add up. You could also consider discount codes if you do some of your shopping online. 

Batch cooking 
Finally, cooking food in batches can save you money in the long term. A lot of the time buying ingredients in bulk can offer you a big saving overall. This is where you could consider creating a certain meal and portioning it up for the freezer. These are very handy when you know you will have less time to prepare a meal. Having something ready made that’s healthy and nutritious is a great solution. 

Let’s hope these tips help you save money on your food shopping bill. 

Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Can Gaming Improve Your Mental Health?

We’ve all heard stories about how damaging gaming can be for our physical and mental health. You might have heard horror stories about people becoming addicted to games, getting into debt, failing to go outside or even eat. There are stories of people who have lost contact with friends or destroyed their relationships because they can’t stop gaming. 

But, it’s not all negative. Like everything else, moderation is crucial. Believe it or not, if you find balance, and limit your gaming time, it can actually be a big boost for your mental health. 

Stress Relief

Modern life is stressful. You might be working, running a side hustle, looking after family, taking care of friends, juggling childcare or dealing with other commitments. We’re all trying to do it all, and the majority of us feel stressed out at least some of the time

Gaming can be an easy form of stress relief. It can give you a safe way to let off some steam without risking upsetting anyone you know in real life. Too much gaming can increase stress, but in moderation, it can help you to unwind, burn off negative energy and get a better night’s sleep. 

Improved Memory and Focus
Games can offer you a great way to give your brain a workout. Many modern games require some level of thought, and puzzle or problem-solving games, in particular, are great for brain training. Games like this can improve your critical thinking skills, give different parts of your brain a workout and increase your memory abilities. Brain workouts are proven to keep our minds young and healthy for longer. For the best effects, vary the games that you play, and try new things. 

Social Contact
Modern life isn’t just stressful. It can also be lonely. If you work from home, or otherwise alone, you might spend large chunks of time without speaking to another person. Even outside of work you might find that you don’t have the time to see friends and family. Sometimes, even those of us that work with other people are lonely. 

Gaming can give you social contact. You’ll speak to other people and could even build lasting relationships and easy friendships. This can be a significant boost to your mental health. Online games are very good when it comes to social connection, but only if you keep an open mind and make an effort to get to know people. Join gaming groups, forums and even teams to increase these social connections. 

Some games, like moto x3m winter, are brilliantly distracting. They aren’t serious enough to stress us out, but they offer us an easy escape — a way to pass some time away from the worries and anxiety of life. Games can be a wonderful form of escapism, which we all need from time to time. 

While gaming can be great for your mental health if you feel that moderation and balance start to slide, cut back and take back control. Limit screen time and try to spend a little time every day outdoors.