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'How To Talk To Your Kids About Difficult Subjects

Being a parent is one of the most rewarding experiences in the world.  It’s also one of the most difficult. Protecting our children from danger, upsetting experiences, and stress is a natural urge.  

However much you try and shield your children, they are going to realize that the world can be a scary place, and it’s up to you, as a parent, to help guide them through it. From problems at school, the loss of a pet or relative to much heavier issues such as racism, violence and even war.  

It’s important to tackle these issues with your child as they arise so that they aren’t receiving all of this information through other kids or the media.  Make sure that they aren’t exposed to media that is not suitable for their age. Kids have no concept of cause and effect until much later and won’t be able to grasp what they are seeing.  

Here are a few things to consider when talking to your kids about difficult issues.

Find out what they already know

Unless the situation is something you’ve had to tell your child about yourself (e.g. the loss of a pet), find out what they know about and where they got this information from.  

Give them the correct information

Be as honest as you can without upsetting them needlessly.  Taking the pet example again, you can say that they were very unwell and did not get better, rather than going into detail over the illness. 

Show them positive examples

If you’re talking about a weightier subject such as violence, war or the environment, show your kid that this is not the norm and, people such as Prem Rawat (https://www.wopg.org/prem-rawat/) or Greta Thunberg (https://twitter.com/GretaThunberg) are great examples of positivity and action to improve things. 

Encourage them to ask questions

By encouraging a conversation, you’re letting your kid know that its ok to ask questions and explore how they are feeling.  It’s not just a case of you giving them the information and telling them how to feel about it. 

Use age-appropriate language and examples 

A toddler will take your words literally, whereas a teenager will understand the context. Keep this in mind when you’re talking to them so as not to upset a toddler by using adult language.  You also don’t want to use baby language to a teenager.  

Reassure them 

As their mom or dad, you are the center of their world, so reassurance from you will go a long way to soothing their anxieties and stress. Just over  7% of children are diagnosed with stress and anxiety at some point in their childhood.  

Use your instincts

You know your own child best so use your instincts when it comes to dealing with difficult subjects.  Some children are more sensitive than others and there’s no one correct way to talk to them about difficult issues.  

Plant Based Perfection For The Whole Family

Now, unless you have been living under a rock for the last 5 years, you will already know about the benefits of a more plant-based diet. That is the added health advantages for our families, as well as the fact that growing plants put less stress on the environment. Not to mention a reduction in animal suffering. However, coming up with tasty plant-based meals that the whole family can enjoy can be a little challenging. That is why we have done the hard work for you. Just keep reading to discover some plant-based staples that everyone will love. 

Vegan chili 
Cut down on the spices and peppers, and a chili can be a great choice to feed the whole family. In fact, you can choose to serve it on its own, or make a more satisfying meal with the addition of rice, or even a baked potato. 

Of course, it's pretty easy to make chili vegetarian or even vegan if you so choose. In fact, it can be cheaper than to do so using meat. Just be sure to omit the minced beef, and beef or chicken stock. Instead, you can use vegetable stock to give the dish some richness. You can also make chopped veg like peppers and onions the main event, along with the kidney beans, or add some Quorn or soya mince instead. 

The great thing about chili is that you can cook it ahead of time, and the flavor will only improve. Additionally, it freezes well too, so why not knock up a double batch, and then you will have a perfect plant-based meal prep for a night when you are busy. 

Mediterranean roasted vegetables 
Meditterian roasted vegetables is another perfect plant-based meal for the whole family. In fact, this dish is versatile because it can be used as a side along with something like roasted cauliflower, or stuffed peppers. Alternatively, it can also be used as a main dish when served with rice, couscous, or even some delicious crusty bread for dipping in all those juices. 

The good news is that if you are looking for a recipe for roasted vegetables, then clicking the link will give you some great ideas about what to include to make your dish really pop. Something that will ensure every member of your family enjoy this meal and always comes back for seconds. 

Cauliflower 'wings’ 
Finally, what about trying one of the latest trends in plant-based food, cauliflower wings? These are small pieces of al-dente cauliflower that are coated and then deep-fried. The idea being you can eat them with hot sauce, blue cheese dressing, and celery instead of the traditional chicken wings. 

Of course, to make these successfully, you will need a good recipe for the coating, along with a deep fat fryer. However, that little bit of extra effort is most definitely worth it. The reason being that cauliflower wings are a great plant-based treat option that the whole family is bound to adore and ask for over and over again.  

Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Is It Time To Digitally Declutter?

When many of us think of clutter, we tend to think of physical clutter. But there’s also a different type of clutter that can equally pose a problem – and that’s digital clutter. Many of us ignore it because it’s largely invisible to others, however it can still negatively affect us. Clutter of any kind can make it harder to think straight and could be causing us to complete digital tasks at a slower pace. Here are just a few ways digitally declutter.
Delete files you don’t want/need
There are likely to be huge amounts of files on your devices that you don’t want or need. They could be taking up unnecessary storage space, which could be slowing down your devices. A few common culprits include old documents from work or school, old photos, downloads and notes on our phones. There could also be other less obvious files taking up huge amounts of space – there are tools such as these apps that can find type of data. Deleting all your unwanted files could take several hours depending on how many files you have to get through. While you’re doing this task, it could also be worth reorganising your folders in case any files have ended up in the wrong place (such as word documents that ended up in photo folders).
Tidy up your desktop
Is your computer desktop a sea of icons? Consider getting rid of icons for programs that you don’t regularly use. Just like constantly working at a messy desk, a messy desktop can subliminally make you more stressed and unfocused – even if you’re certain that you know where everything is.  
Uninstall unused software/apps
There could be programs or apps on your devices that you never use. On top of taking up unnecessary space, they could be adding to the cluttered feel of your devices. Some software/apps may come pre-installed on your devices, while other software/apps may have been installed yourself. This guide lists some of the programs and apps that you may likely never use.
Unsubscribe from unread mailing lists
Many of us are signed up to mailing lists that we’re not interested in. This results in our inboxes getting flooded with emails that we have no interest in reading. It could even be causing you to miss important emails if you’re getting huge amounts of spam each day. Take the time to go through these mailing lists and unsubscribe (there will usually be instructions at the bottom of each email detailing how to do this). On top of email mailing lists, there could also be SMS mailing lists and browser notifications that could be nothing but a nuisance – unsubscribe from these too if you can.
Clear out your bookmarks
Do you have lots of bookmarks saved on your browser? Consider which of these bookmarks you really need – some may be shortcuts that you rarely ever visit. If you have extra tabs that open up whenever you load your browser, you could also consider clearing these out. This will help to make your web browsing feel faster and more focused.
Go on a Facebook friend purge
A Facebook friend purge could also be necessary for reducing clutter on your timeline. Many of our ‘friends’ with people that we don’t know all that well. It’s possible that you could keep seeing posts from these people, despite having no interest in their lives. Consider unfriending these people so that you no longer have to deal with their posts. Unfollowing pages that you have no interest in could also be worthwhile. You could find that scrolling through Facebook is a lot more rewarding afterwards. 

Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Positive Steps To A Healthy Digestive System

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Digestive issues are a common problem with people everywhere and of all ages. The digestive system is responsible for breaking down the food we eat and converting it to nutrients that the body requires. A problem with the digestive system can impact your overall health. While numerous factors are responsible for people suffering from digestive problems, some of these factors can be negated or even reversed with a few simple steps. It is important to understand that the digestive system is impacted by your food and lifestyle choices. Given below are the three most important steps that need to be followed for a healthy digestive system.
Steps to Improve Healthy Bacteria in the gut
Our gut is populated by bacteria – both healthy and unhealthy. The trick is to improve the population of healthy gut flora on which 85% of our immune system depends to function properly. A healthy gut flora is required for breaking down and assimilation of food. The best way to improve our gut flora is to add fermented food such as kefir, kombucha, yogurt and sauerkraut to our daily diet. Fermented foods contain probiotics, which are the same kind of healthy gut bacteria found in the digestive system.
While fermented foods will help increase the population of healthy gut bacteria in our digestive system, it is also important to eat fiber-rich food to feed the healthy gut flora.  Incorporate onions, leeks, broccoli, raspberries, pears, and beans in your daily diet. Both soluble and insoluble fiber is required by our system. Good sources of soluble fiber are nuts, seeds, oat bran, and legumes, while sources of insoluble fiber are vegetables, whole grain, and wheat bran.     
Identify and Reduce Intake of Food That Increases Inflammation 
Certain foods can increase the inflammation of the gut lining. These include dairy products, wheat, gluten, corn, and processed meats. To protect and increase yields, wheat is subjected to many different chemical sprays during and after harvest. Coupled with gluten present in this treated wheat, the lining of our digestive system finds it difficult to cope with them. Another difficult to digest food is dairy products. Lactose can be a problem for those who lack lactase, an enzyme that helps digest lactose. Whey and casein, both proteins found in dairy products can cause an upset in the digestive system. Butter is mostly fat with a small amount of protein and while it is easy to digest, too much fat will slow down the digestive process, making you prone to constipation. If your diet consists of fat-rich food, ensure to couple it with foods high in fiber that would make digestion easier. However, butter does cause problems with those who have a poorly functioning gallbladder.
An essential part of our diet, protein is required by the body to function properly. However, fatty cuts of meat, while providing protein, are difficult to digest. Selecting lean cuts will help your digestive system and provide protein.
There are various ways to identify foods that cause digestive issues. The simplest way is to eliminate one type of food for at least thirty days and observe the results. For more information, you can visit https://www.happilyeverrushed.com/2018/12/how-to-keep-your-digestive-system.html, and learn about how to keep the digestive system healthy and active. Intolerance tests can also help identify foods that cause problems. However, this should be done after a thorough look at the health history and lifestyle of the patient. 
Eat Your Food Slowly
This piece of advice has been handed down from generation to generation and for good reason. Eating fast does not allow enough time for the digestive tract to receive the full supply of blood required to release stomach acid, bile, and digestive enzymes. These are required to breakdown the food completely. Eating slowly also allows you to chew the food for a longer time, thus making the food into an easily digestible pulp and allowing bacteria in the mouth to start the process of breaking down the food even before it is swallowed. 
For those who are fast eaters, there are a few things that you can add to your mealtime routine to help you slow down. Time yourself for a few days to see how long you spend eating. Once you have an average, start adding one minute more to that time every few days. You could also try eating with the non-dominant hand to help you slow down. Put your fork and spoon down, and talk to those eating with you. Make your meal a social and relaxing affair rather than something that needs to be completed in record time. 
The Bottom Line

Improving and maintaining a healthy digestive system will have a direct positive effect on your overall health.  

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Different Types of Life Insurance Products

We all know the importance of life insurance in one's life. It is one of the most critical investments of one's life where he or she can secure the entire future of the family in case of one's untimely death. When we talk of life insurance, people generally think of only life insurance wherein fact the insured dies, the family gets the entire amount of the insurance policy. Over the years, the insurance companies understood the requirement of insurance and investment in one policy is what people are looking for. Therefore, a new policy offering for life insurance was brought in the market, which has a lot of features to offer. Due to this, we can see a lot of new different insurance policy types in the market. Let's have a look at a few of the life insurance products available in the market.

Term Life insurance

Term life insurance is very similar to a life insurance policy where a person's family gets the entire amount of the insurance policy in case of an untimely death. The main benefit of the term life insurance for many people is the way to pay the premium and low amount. The primary benefit of a term insurance plan is that a person can pay the premium amount monthly, quarterly, half-yearly, and yearly, whichever is convenient. Second, the premium of the term insurance plan is very affordable when compared with a life insurance plan.

Whole Life Insurance

As the name suggests, the entire life insurance terms cover a person's life for his or her full age or up to the age of 100 years, whichever is applicable. This type of life insurance covers every scenario that can lead to an untimely death, and the person has to pay the premium until he or she is alive. In case of death, the insured's family will get the entire amount.

Endowment life insurance policy

A little high on the premium amount, but great for people who want to pay the premium as both investment and life insurance. This type of life insurance policy has a higher premium amount. The insured will pay the premium, which will be invested by the life insurance company. In case the covered faces an untimely death, the family will get the sum assured in the policy. If the insured outlives the policy duration, he or she will get the entire amount back with interest accumulated through investment.

Money Back Policy

One of the safest insurance policy for an individual where he or she wants to cover the life and get the entire amount in case he or she outlives the policy period. With an increased premium amount, a person can make sure that in the case where he survives the policy, they will receive the entire premium amount for the policy period. This policy does not invest the amount in any market; therefore, the final amount will be the principal amount paid over the years.

These are some of the most common and popular life insurance products available in the market. You might or might not pay an extra premium amount for any of these products, but they are beneficial in the case where a person wants more from the invested amount. These plans not just provide financial assurance to the family but profits in case the person survives the policy period.

La Grand Place

⬅️⬅️⬅️ This is Brussels city main square: La Grand Place. Unbelievably grand!
Grote Markt in Dutch or Great Square in English, La Grand Place is the central, geographic and historic heart of Brussels. It's also considered as one of the most memorable squares in Europe.
This lively cobbled square is part of the most beautiful seventeenth-century architectural ensemble in Belgium. The main square is made up by numerous impressive guild houses that will leave you speechless.

In 1695 the French army bombarded Brussels and destroyed most buildings housed in La Grand Place. They were all rebuilt except the Town Hall.
SOI: introducingbrussels.com

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You Could Have More Money Than You Think

There are few things in life that can occupy our minds more than money. Our financial situation always seems to be a little complicated no matter how much money we have, but it is, of course, extra difficult to manage when we don’t have quite as much as we would like or need. But here’s the thing: there are many people out there that have more money than they think they do. Your salary is just one source of money, not everything! Below, we take a look at a few areas to explore that’ll lead to you having more money in your bank account. 

Reducing Expenses
First thing’s first: what are you currently spending your money on? It’s possible that you could significantly improve your money situation just by reducing the amount of money that comes out of your bank account. While there are some unavoidable costs -- such as your mortgage -- there are some that are more in your control, such as the amount you spend on your cable or internet bill. Take a look at where your money goes, and you might find that you’re spending more than you’d like on avoidable things, such as coffee or takeout lunch.

Other People’s Bills
It’s bad enough having to pay your own bills, let alone other people’s. Yet that’s just what some of us end up doing. If you’ve been in a car accident or experienced any other injury that wasn’t your fault, then you shouldn’t be left with the responsibility of paying the costs. It should be paid by the people who were responsible. If you’ve been in a situation such as this, then there are injury lawyers that can help you to get what you’re legally entitled to. Don’t assume the financial burdens of other people!

In the Drawers
We live in a consumer culture, and, as such, we’re all guilty of buying more than we really need. The item we bought might entertain us for a few hours, but it invariably ends up sitting in the drawers of our homes. But it doesn’t have to stay there. Did you know that most Americans have hundreds of dollars worth of goods in their house? Go through your property and collect up anything that you no longer need, and list the items for sale online. You might just find that you can raise the equivalent of a month’s salary, just by selling stuff that you no longer need!

Time for a Raise 
If you’ve been working for your company for some time and know that you’re a valuable member of the time, then could now be the time to ask for a raise? This is something that few people think to do, but most bosses are actually pretty open to the idea. They know it’s easier to give an employee a raise rather than hire a new member of staff to replace them. There’s a right and a wrong way to ask for a raise, but get it right, and you could see your bank balance much improved.