Friday, February 23, 2018

How to Maintain Healthy Relationships at Home and Work

Building and maintaining healthy relationships can be difficult but is ultimately worthwhile. When you can learn to build healthy work and home relationships, you will feel better not only about yourself but also about your station in life. People who have healthier work relationships are more likely to work harder and perform better in their jobs, and people with healthier home relationships are more likely to feel less anxiety about their lives.

But how do you build healthy relationships at home and at work, and what exactly defines a “healthy” relationship? It all comes down to the way that you communicate with others and the way that you present yourself. Here are some helpful tips and tricks to help you build and maintain healthy relationships in both your home and work lives:

Building Healthy Relationships at Home
A happy home life starts with a happy home. If you aren’t satisfied with where you are living, that feeling can affect everyone in the house. For those who have a house that is too small, it might be time to seek a local realtor to help you find a home that everyone can be comfortable in.
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Beyond the house itself, there are other ways to maintain a healthy home life. You may feel that simply having a family means that you already have a relationship built-in, but that’s not necessarily the case. In fact, home relationships need to be built and maintained just like any other relationship that you have in your life. Just as with any other relationship, there are times when families fight, tempers flare, and feelings get hurt.

There are a lot of different factors that can influence a home relationship. Some of these factors include:
  • Cultural background
  • Values
  • Family composition (if it’s a single parent household vs. two parents, etc.)

All these factors, plus the individual factors that are specific to each home make up, can affect the relationship between you and those in your home. This is especially true if you or those around you are raising children.

One major factor that is often overlooked is the sleep you and everyone in the home are getting. If you don’t have a comfortable mattress, it’s time to research the mattress reviews. Restless sleep can lead to irritable people, and that can impact everyone in the home. You also want to make sure everyone is healthy physically as bad health can lead to more stress and worse tempers. Enhance your workout routine with protein powders, encourage everyone to exercise, or better yet, exercise as a family. The family that works out together stays together. Healthy bodies also means getting routine STD checks. This may seem like an uncomfortable topic to broach with your partner or kids, but you want to make sure that everyone’s health is at the optimum level.

Every home has a different type of relationship that needs to be built, but there are some things that everyone can do to strengthen and maintain their relationships at home.

What You Can Do to Strengthen Your Home Relationships

The two biggest factors in developing and maintaining a healthy home relationship are communication and time. This may seem like a given, but if you can master those two elements, then you are well on your way to healthy home relationships. Spend quality time with those in your home by doing things you all love. In times of conflict, communicate effectively and without losing your temper.

Families who spend quality time with each other, as well as handle their tiffs in a healthy manner, are far more likely to have a happy and healthy home life.

Building Healthy Relationships at Work
A study by the Gallup Organization found that people who have friends at work are 7x more likely to engage more fully in their jobs. That means that having great relationships at work not only makes your job more enjoyable, but also helps you to succeed in your workplace. If you hope to grow inside of your workplace, or just enjoy what you’re doing more, then it’s a good idea to start working on building some healthy relationships.
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The best work relationships are the ones that are slightly opportunistic. Building great mutual trust and respect with a boss or supervisor can help you to grow within the company, or even give you a killer recommendation for a new position somewhere down the line. It’s also important to build a healthy relationship with peers and coworkers, so as to make your life a lot easier.

If you find yourself irritable when you’re at work, however, it might be time to check your habits. This doesn’t specifically mean drug habits either—although if that is something you’re struggling with, then it can certainly adversely affect your work relationships and performance. In that case, it’s time to seek professional substance abuse help. But besides these issues, you might also be using nootropics to enhance your mental acuity, in which case you’ll want to look into Modafinil vs Adderall and see if those nootropics affect your mood and behavior at work in ways that prevent you from building healthy relationships with your co-workers.

Tips to Build Healthy Work Relationships
Building great relationships at work takes a lot of, well, work. But that doesn’t mean that it’s a bad idea or unachievable. Here are some steps to build great relationships at work:
  • Work on your people skills: You need to build “soft skills” in order to be able to effectively communicate with people at work.
  • Stay positive: Your coworkers, bosses, and customers are more likely to want to build a relationship with you if you are a positive person. This also means that you should avoid gossiping.
  •  Be a good listener: The best way to build a good relationship is to know how to listen to others and actually care about what they are saying.
  •  Be a team outside of work: Sometimes the best work relationships are built outside the workplace. If you can get a group of outdoor enthusiasts from your work to go on a hike together, it’s a great activity that will help you socialize and build comradery. So throw on your hiking books, grab your trekking poles, and get ready to blaze the trails.

Building and maintaining healthier relationships is great for you on many different levels. Being a better family member, coworker, and employee will make you a happier person with more solid relationships and a brighter outlook on life. The biggest parts of building healthy relationships are communication, time, and positivity. If you think of these three factors, in addition to the others listed above, then you will be on your way to building great relationships in no time.

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Transforming Your Basement Into The Ultimate Home Office

The life of the telecommuter is rarely perfect but it’s not without its advantages. As the masses scurry to work, facing gruelling traffic, bus and train strikes, delays, cramped and over crowded conditions, inclement weather and long lines for their morning coffee, the telecommuter need only wake up, wash and throw on some clothes in order to start their working day. Hours are saved every week in travel and a fortune is saved in transport costs. Nonetheless… those working from home face a challenge that many salaried workers may never understand. Most telecommuters are self employed small business people or subcontractors working from home… That means that time is money! As any veteran will tell you, working from the sofa or bed is rarely conducive to peak productivity. Home workers need a space that is free of distraction and conducive to hard work.

Why the basement is best
Many of us who are lucky enough to have a basement squander its potential, using it for storage or letting the space go to ruin. However, with a little TLC your dark, dank and cramped basement can be transformed into the perfect home office. Indeed, after you make sure that the basement is clean, dry and waterproof, for which you should head to Helitech for more information, you’ll find that the basement is the perfect space for your home office. The basement tends to be a quiet and isolated space, free from the distractions that tend to litter the rest of the home. The transition from living space to working space will also make it easier for you to compartmentalize your thought processes, enabling you to switch from “at home” mode to “at work” mode.

Think practical
Before you get into any of the fun stuff, you’ll need to make sure that you have a reliable infrastructure in place to enable you to work effectively. Needless to say your space will need to be well lit with air conditioning to help you achieve the temperature for peak productivity (estimated 69.8 degrees-71.6 degrees Fahrenheit). You’ll need internet and phone access as well as outlets into which you’ll be able to plug your laptop, printer and any other equipment you use.

Decor: Less is more
You’ll want to decorate the space to make it a pleasant place to spend time, but keep in mind that less is more. You’ll likely need a desk and a comfortable chair from which to work. Your walls should be light in color and largely unadorned with maybe some motivational posters or carefully selected artworks to provide inspiration when the creative well runs dry. This will prevent distraction while providing inspiration when you need it. Studies indicate that proximity to plants and nature aids productivity so be sure to fill your home office with plants which can survive in your basement where you’ll have little or no access to natural light.

Build a “think space”
Being productive isn’t necessarily the same as working away with your nose to the grindstone. Sometimes the most productive thing you can do is take a step back from your work and give your brain time to rest. For this reason, its advisable to build a “think space” into your home office. This should contain a stereo or portable speaker for music, art, books and comfortable seating. Relax in inspiring surroundings and you’ll return to work renewed and invigorated.

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Sunday, February 18, 2018

How to Make a Shopping Trip with a Toddler Go Smoothly

Whether it is your toddler, or if you are looking after someone else’s child, some jobs can be more demanding than others. One of the most demanding is the trip to the grocery store. These places can be a delight for toddlers, lots of bright colors and things to play with; it can quickly become a rush to stop the toddler from destroying everything. Here are some tips for making your shopping trip go without a hitch.
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Make a Shopping List
You need to go prepared for your shopping trip, that includes making a list of all the things you need when you’re there. When you arrive, try to stick to the list and not get distracted, the quicker you can do your shopping, the less chance there will be that your toddler will get bored. Another good reason for the list is that your child can be distracting, especially when you’re trying to concentrate on shopping, so a list makes sure you don’t forget anything.
Give them a Ride
Most stores, especially large ones, will have shopping carts with a seat attached so you can set them down. These are a great way to keep your child in one place during your shopping. Use the straps provided for safety, just in case they grab something as you are walking along the aisle. Some stores also have carts shaped like cars with a basket on the top. They provide great entertainment for your child while you’re shopping.
Come Prepared
Depending on how long you are going to be shopping, you need to make sure you prepare for any eventuality. It might include carrying a spare diaper or two or a portable child potty such as those mentioned in parent guide. It is also a good idea to have a drink and a snack with you in case they get hungry. Another good idea is to take them to the toilet or change their diaper as soon as you get there but before you start shopping. That will prevent the need for the toilet when you are half way around with a basket of groceries.
Ask Your Toddler to Help
To help keep your child occupied, give them a job to do, it could be something as simple as holding their favorite box of cookies or perhaps a new toy for them. Not only will this keep their hands from grabbing things off the shelves, but it will also make them feel important and useful to you during your shopping. Another way they can help is by trying to find some of the items you need. It will help them to learn about foods and also start to help them read the labels.

Going on a shopping trip doesn’t have to be trauma or a worry, all you need to do is prepare before you go and plan your trip. Then you will find the whole experience a lot less stressful.

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

3 Additions To Your Home That Will Help You De-Stress!

Stress can follow you everywhere during a tough day at work. The last thing you want is to bring all your stress back into the home. Your home should be a place of peace, it should be the place you can’t wait to get to after a tough day, specifically so you can finally relax.

Speaking of which, here are a few additions to your home that are well worth getting if you want to de-stress, and start relaxing more after work.

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A Reed Diffuser

Reed diffusers are a nice way to get a lovely, balanced, scent into your home. Most people use them as an alternative to plug-in air fresheners or candles, but they’re also great for targeting stress. The secret, as shown on, is to get a reed diffuser with a scent that’s designed to help you relax. There are loads of specific scents, like lavender and rosewood, that are scientifically proven to lower your stress levels. As soon as you get home from work, get your reed diffuser going, and breathe in the relaxing scents to calm your mind.

A Giant Bean Bag

I loved bean bags as a child, they were just so much fun to sit in and laze around doing nothing. Then, I got too big and grew out of them. Well, if you visit today, you’ll see that you can now get giant bean bags. These bags are a good 8ft in size, making them big enough to sit two people, let alone one. I find they’re excellent when you want to chill out and de-stress. You can collapse into a bean bag and just lie there for hours listening to music or thinking deeply. It almost feels like you’re a cat sitting in a cat bed, that’s how truly relaxed you feel in one of these. They can be put in your living room, bedroom - wherever you feel you can relax better.

Noise Cancelling Headphones

The sounds you hear will play a huge role in how relaxed or stressed you feel. The hustle and bustle of a busy city can be extremely stressful, as can the sound of your family making a lot of noise. Sometimes, you just need to block everything out. This is where noise cancelling headphones come into play, as you can wear them and hear nothing but the sounds you choose. Pair them with some relaxing sounds, or maybe just your favorite music playlist. Now, you can truly relax, slip out of your stressful world, and drift off into your mind where the music sets you free. Often, I find it only takes half an hour or so of listening to music with my headphones on to change the way I feel. Block out the noise of your home, and just relax.

If you truly want to achieve peak relaxation in your home, then you have to combine all three things mentioned here. Sink into your bean bag, put your headphones on, and breathe in the scent from your diffuser. Now, you’ll have something to look forward to everyday, helping you manage your stress and prevent it from affecting family life.