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Wednesday, February 22, 2012


A painted hindsight gloves a chocolate past the hungry plastic.
This is not just an ordinary American FLAG where you can buy it at a convenience store. This is a special one!
Hubby received this flag from the US Air FORCE during his retirement ceremony last year.

FREE Cloud Storage

Having a huge amount of data requires a reliable storage system if you want to be able to store all of them properly and not risk losing any or all of them. Some computer users invest in hard drives or in external storage devices. But those who may feel limited by those options may choose to store their precious data through cloud storage. Cloud storage refers to storing data to an off-site storage system that is maintained by a third party. There are free cloud storage systems and there are those that may require a minimal fee. It is convenient for those who want to access their data through different computers that have internet connections. They can store and retrieve data whenever they want. For some computer users, they use cloud storage as a way to back up their data. If something happens to their data that is stored in their hard drive, they still have a back up in cloud storage. There are virtually dozens of cloud storage providers in the internet nowadays. Choose a provider that can provide you a cloud storage service with larger amount of storage available. It is up to you if you want those who offer them for free or those that offers additional features and services aside from cloud storage with a flat rate.

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Top Webhosting

Having a website can be an important marketing and advertising tool for a company to promote their brand and products. It is where they will be able to reach out to more prospective clients. There are millions of internet users each day and they search online whenever they are looking for a particular product or service. If a company has their own website, consumers will be able to find them easily.
The company’s website should feature all the important information that consumers need including information about the various products and services that the company offers. The website should be easy to navigate so that the client would not be intimidated every time they visit. They should also be able to communicate with the company instantly whenever they have concerns about their products.
The company should also make sure that they get the top webhosting for their website. Their website should be accessible at all times. A website that is down most of the time can affect the company’s sales. It is also most likely that clients will not visit their website anymore if they see that it is inaccessible most of the time.
So if you are wondering where to get affordable top webhosting company, you might want to check out thetop10bestwebhosting.or today.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Coffee Tables

Home Styles Furniture Wood Cocktail Table in Cottage Oak FinishHome Styles Furniture Rectangular Wood Cocktail Table in  Black
If you are wondering where to get high quality furniture, why not check out Cymax Stores? This website is one of the fastest growing e-tailers with more than 100 specialty online stores. They have one of the largest selections of products on the web. If you can’t find the item you want, just email them and they will try to get it just for you. So if you are looking for bedroom furniture, living room, kitchen and dining, entertainment furniture, and beyond. They have it all! You should visit them today for more details.
I already found the set of coffee tables that I’ve been eyeing for a very long time. I can’t wait to get them!

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Friday, February 10, 2012

Metal Switchplate

If you want your house to have a more personal and unique look, then you need to take an active part in designing it. Know beforehand how you want your house to look like. Buy quality materials such as metal switchplate from trusted retailers so that you know that you will get your money’s worth. Cheaper brands that are also of low quality are just a waste of money because not only they will not function as they should but you may end up buying the same materials again because they easily get broken or damaged.

Food Alergy

Have you ever had a skin rash appear suddenly not knowing which triggered it? Or maybe you have been having digestion problems that have been occurring at regular intervals. It could be because of certain foods that you are allergic to. You may be consuming foods that are actually toxic to your system. Food allergies can cause other health problems. If they are not treated properly, they may cause chronic illnesses. It is important to undergo food allergy testing austin to determine which types of foods you should avoid. It can help you become healthier once you determine which foods you are allergic to.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Dolphin Discovery

Swim with Dolphins costs $124/ person at Six Flags. Have you ever tried it before? My sister-in-law Dorothy and my brother-in-law Bryan did it!
Photos were taken at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom in Vallejo, California.
Sorry Dorothy, I stole these pictures from your FB!

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Saturday, February 4, 2012

San Antonio Model Railroad Association

This is not a sponsored post.
The San Antonio Model Railroad Association or SAMRA is an historical and educational society chartered as a non profit organization in the state of Texas. The purpose of this organization is to preserve and teach the history of railroading through the building, displaying and operating of model railroads. They are the largest model railroad organization in San Antonio.

Photos were taken during SAMRA Expo. My family and I had a blast looking at different model railroads scenery. We also bought some materials for our on going railroad scenery.