Saturday, November 1, 2008

Arizona State

What do you think when you hear about Arizona?! Well, Arizona for me is not a good place to live (in my opinion)'s too hot over there!

We drove to Grand Canyon for about 7 hours or so. It was exhausting and I kept complaining to Greg,because there is nothing to see on our way. We arrived at the Hualapai Lodge around 3'o clock pm. Hualapai Lodge is owned by the Indian Reservation.

The next day we drove up to the Grand Canyon National Park for about 2 hours. I actually did all the driving going there and going back. And I got to experience driving on a rough road. Going up there was boring,so bumpy, and dusty. Well, I have no problem of that because I'm used to it.

When we got! It was a breath taking. I cant believed how wonderful and amazing the nature is. Even though the weather was not good as what we expected yet we had so much fun!

These are the things we did:

  • Eagle Point

  • Skywalk Bridge (too bad no camera,cell phone or etc. allowed)

  • Hualapai Ranch

  • Gauno Point (lunch break)

  • Indian Tribe

Here is the link of the place