Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Balancing Act 101

Have you ever ask yourself....of what is the purpose in life? How do you see yourself 5,10, or 30 years from now? What are your goals?

Every person have their own individual dreams and desires in life. To achieve and satisfy the needs in life is to get a career. But to get a career is not a simple task that can happen in one day.

School is one of the most important tool that can lead you to success. It is a system of formal education that allow and encourage us to learn. But some people are less fortunate to go to school because of finances. These levels are primary or elementary school, high school, and college.

Once you finish college and get your degree you are now capable of looking for a job. Hunting and searching for a job is not that simple. You have to go to a process which most people do. Make a resume, apply for the interview and so on. Some people go abroad to look for a better and greener pasture. If you are determine to get a career in life you have to be able to sacrifice in everything.

As I recall 4 years ago after I graduate from college, my goals are, to get a job and get married by late 20's. As I got a job at the age of 20 my goals change. I said to myself, “after 3 years of working here I will go abroad”. Suddenly, everything change in just one snap! I thought I will get married by the age of 27-28. How all this things happen?

Well,if your destiny comes in the right way and in the right place, there is no way you can escape from the reality. The reality was I got married at 21 and the person I ended up is not a Filipino. My goal of getting out in my own country is happening. And I did not expected it to happen, I just work for 10 months from my job and I'm already married.

When I left Philippines everything of my goals when I was single was change. I now leave here in a foreign country,not just temporarily but permanently. Setting goals as a couple is pretty pretty crazy. :) You got to butt heads most of the time but the good thing is we compromise, we know how to negotiate!

My personal goal? Well, before I thought that I could be a stay at home mom, like any other mother in the Philippines. But here, based on my experience to be a stay at home mom is pretty boring...the boredom will kill you and make you insane. I am glad I have my daughter with me, at least I have someone to be with me during the daytime. So, as a couple we decided that maybe I will go back to school.

So, I go back to school. I didn't chose to take accounting again, because I would like to take another field which is nursing, I thought it would be challenging. Since the school did not take credentials from the university that I went to, now I have to start from scratch. I am doing all the general education right now, to get into the nursing program.

Going back to school is not easy as I thought it would be. It is tough for me because I now have my own family. Compare before when I was single, all I'm worried is getting an F in the class and how to budget my weekly allowance. Having a family and going to school is quiet interesting. I need to balance my time to them, and my time studying. Sometimes, I cant focus on my studies because I need to pay attention to my 2 year old daughter, who specially needs a motherly care.

I thought I will be a full time mom, but apparently not. I thought that I already achieved my goals in life. But to be able to move in this society, I need to get a descent career. When Akesha will start going to school, I will be at home by myself, and what I am gonna do? watch tv and work in the garden? I thought of that sometimes. It's not like in the Philippines that if your bored, you can go to your neighbors, but here nobody does that.

As I noticed, the interest of going to school now is way different from before. The atmosphere and the people inside the class, and you know nobody. I may know somebody but not like I'm hanging out with them or something. I keep thinking not to go to school but my career is on the line. My husband always encourage me which is neat. But I still have this doubts though, I hope that God will enlighten my mind.

How do I see myself 5 years from now? Well, I am hoping that we move to a new place, another baby, and most of all I will be working as a registered nurse. Let see what will happen 5 years from now, I hope I will achieve the goals that I wanted.