Thursday, July 31, 2008

Look who's in trouble!

It seems frustrating, and yet I found it hilarious! When I was in our room trying to finish packing our clothes, my daughter was playing in her bedroom. She did not take a nap on her regular routine. I don't know why maybe because she saw me busy and heard some noises while I doing something.

So, I let her play and running around as she normally does. I went to the garage, and when I came back I heard she was in the bathroom. I thought that she just playing, but when I checked on her she made a lot of mess and smiling at me. Oh no! I was so mad and I spanked her. I can't believe she opened the bathroom door. She knows that I'm mad, she started picking some of the stuff and trying to put the stuff back.

No wonder why she is so quite awhile ago. She's at the stage where she get into things. What a terrible two. When you're a mother you know what I'm referring to!

I'm on break. So, I better cook for dinner then.


Tony Madureira said...


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Madz said...

Hi Demcy, yupp naughty children - they are always in trouble.. hehehe...

Anyway, thanks for you comments. Have just passed this on to my sister so she can read all the comments! I do agree with you Demc, the fact that she is still a student she shouldn't be left along in the first place anyway. These lazy senior staffs in our hospitals nowadays, they always rely on students! Will keep you posted for the result.

God bless you always & thanks for being my friend.

david santos said...

Really beautiful!!!

Phelps, Congratulations!!!!
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