Monday, November 3, 2008


On our way to Utah from Arizona we passed Nevada. Nevada for me is similar to Arizona in terms of the weather....not a good place to live again. What makes Nevada interesting is the famous city of Las Vegas. Yep it's true! It is famous because it's a city of sin,a lot of people go there for many different reasons. People love to go there for gambling,partying,or for whatever reason. I found it amusing specially at night...the strip is filled with lights! We actually went there 2 years ago, and I had a blast.

Check this link to see some photos of Las Vegas, Nevada

This time we did not stay there,we just passed it...oh,actually we had lunch there...and that's it! We also passed the famous Hoover Dam (we went there before) we just took some pictures on our way.


Antoine Greg said...

greg rin pala huband muh??? hihihi

bat kayu naka jacket jan sa desyerto? mainit ba?

hmmm...di ba kau pinapawisan??? hihihi tanong lang sistAH...

EJ said...

Famous for quick marriage lol..