Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Turkey Dinner!

Who said that turkey can only be eaten during Thanksgiving? Well, we just had it last night! To be honest, I don't really like to eat turkey. I don't like the smell nor the taste, I like regular chicken better. Apparently Americans love to eat turkey, I have no doubt because they cook it most of the time specially during holidays. The size is gigantic and not only that it's pricey too.

Anyways we had dinner last night at my sister-in-laws house. My brother-in-law from Texas and his family visited us here in California. Akesha was having fun seeing some of her cousins, they were playing and they went swimming in the pool.

I made a devil egg. I like to make it for
hors d'oeuvre (appetizer) when we have a family gathering. My devil egg is always a hit, I just put it on the table and in a few minutes it's all gone. Every body likes it, and that's why I keep making it. If you are interested of making one, just let me know. I can share my secret recipe! :)