Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Alcatraz Island, sometimes informally referred to as simply Alcatraz or by its pop-culture name, The Rock, is a small island located in the middle of San Francisco Bay in California, United States. It served as a lighthouse, then a military fortification, then a military prison followed by a federal prison until 1963. It became a national recreation area in 1972 and received landmarking designations in 1976 and 1986.
Today, the island is a historic site operated by the National Park Service as part of the Golden Gate National Recreation Area and is open to tours. Visitors can reach the island by ferry ride from Pier 33, near Fisherman's Wharf in San Francisco.

Photos were taken last March, 2006.

I was 7 months and 2 weeks pregnant when we went to Alcatraz. And we had so much fun during the trip.


Unknown said...

I can only see Alcatraz in movies. Ang ganda pala ng place na yan sis. Hey, hindi ba sya haunted? Hihi. Isolated kasi ang place na yan e.

Mel_Cole said...

Kahinumdum ko sa Count of Monte Chrito nga movie. Ani ba to sila ga-shoot? Naa diay nang Alcatraz sa Cali nu.