Friday, December 12, 2008

Hubby List!

This tag is tickling me! I mean it reminds me of those great memories we have had when we first met. Anyhow, thanks a lot manang ko Rose for this reminiscing tag. Just scroll down to see the rest of the info's.

Can you remember the day you first met your hubby? When was that?
Yes, of course. We met at the hotel lobby. It was 4 years ago (August 19, 2004) when I met him in person. This photo was taken during the time we first met. I brought him to my parents village, and showed him our family business which is Banana Trading.

The 2nd pic was during my birthday. We went to church to light candles and headed home for my birthday party. The 3rd pic was during the time we went to Camiguin Island.

First impression.
Oh men! He's hot and geeky! hahhah....:)

Were you friends before he became your bf?
Yes we are. We wrote each other for 8 know the snail mail before? Then he finally decided to meet me in person.

What was the sweetest thing he did for you?
He proposed before he left, but he did not get my answer until October.

What are the things about him that you are thankful for?
I consider myself as one of the luckiest woman in the world.... for having such a wonderful husband. He is very understanding, loving, funny,...I mean I just love his character..the way he is. I am thankful that he is a hands-on dad, he helps me doing the household chores, and for loving us unconditionally. Thanks honey, you are the best! You are the best, you are the best, you are the best among the rest, we gonna fight fight fight! (that just my cheer for him..he loves it!) hehehe....:) I love you Hon!

*Now the rules are simple. 1. Pick your sweetest picture when you were still friends and post it on top of the questions and answers. 2. Another pic now that you are together post it after the questions. 3. Share to how many friends you like. 4. Enjoy doing it c: 5. Let your hubby read it too.
Now it is my turn to tag my buddies: AteCecile, Umma, Joanna, Azlina, Cookie, Chie, Ria, AnnaRhea, Ruth, Grace, Boogie, Tfaye, TWeng, TLou, Madz, Chelle, TLisa, Liz, Amor, Amy, Jacky, and You!


    Maus said...

    cute naman ng picture nyo...

    Mommy Liz said...

    You look so young and happy..Dami saging na saba..Gagawa kau ng turon? Hehehehe..

    Mrs. Stevenson said...

    sexy mo naman sis. cute pics. sana may mahanap me na pic namin ng hubby ko while we are still friends. most of our pics we are already bf and gf.

    D said...

    Aww, so sweet naman...Really? You didn't answer his proposal right away? Wow ha,the suspense must have been killing him! LOL Wonderful love story, Dhemz! May you both live a happy and long marriage. God bless!