Monday, January 19, 2009

Tips When Traveling with Pets (1)

When traveling with pets in extremely hot weather: Check out the air conditioning unit in your car for functionality before traveling. Use a fan that plugs into the cigarette lighter as well. Place ice cubes into a sealed plastic bag and tie it in front of the duct of the air conditioner, passing the cool air over the ice - makes a swamp cooler affect. Use freezer blocks, (used for picnic coolers) - place a large freezer block under your pet, with a sheet between the block and pet. Check to make sure your pet isn't shivering - just comfortable from the blocks. It goes without saying, to keep plenty of fresh, cool drinking water available for your pet at all times. Also apply sunshades to back windows and the tailgate window (the kind you can see out of to drive safely).

Before you go, gather information regarding veterinarians in the area of your destination:

  • Ask your own vet if s/he has any associates in the area.
  • Check with members of newsgroups on the web for vets who are trusted and low cost. Rescue groups often have this information, and many are very involved with newsgroups.
  • Check on hours of availability. You may need to have two names handy, one for normal hours, and one for after hours emergencies.
  • Keep the address and phone number of the vets you've found with your vaccination records.
  • This may be a good time to obtain medical insurance for your companion animal.