Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Top Adventure Destinations in the World

When is your next vacation? What country or destination are you planning to go visit? Here are some top adventure destinations in the world that you might consider on going.

1) Costa Rica Adventures
From the dense rain forests to the sparkling seashores, Costa Rica belongs at the top of everyone's favorite destination list. Surfing, whitewater rafting, pristine backcountry adventures, culture, stability, freedom of movement, exploring the forest canopy, rappelling waterfalls, diving, fishing...the list of reasons is long.

2) New Zealand - The Land of the One Ring
Even if film innovator Peter Jackson didn't film the "Lord of the Rings" epic in New Zealand this year, it would still be a grand spot for adventure -- as more and more will be discovering in the New Year thanks to the publicity provided by the epic adventure films. While the orcs and goblins of the movie are all make-up and CG programming, the landscapes are real. Enough said!

3) South Africa Adventures
The Dark Continent ever remains a popular destination for adventurers worldwide. From great waterfalls and massive, rolling rivers, to abundant wildlife and nature events that rank among the best the world over, the diversity of this region lends itself to travelers looking to see several attractions in the same area. Explore the forests, the plains and the beautiful beaches of South Africa - an experience long remembered.

4) Siberia - Land of Mystery
Closed to most of the world for so many long years, Siberia -- the vast land of the Russian Northeast - is quickly gaining attention as a favorite adventure destination for those willing to experience the wilderness in the raw. From dense forest to rolling tundra, the great outdoors of Eastern Russia are ideal for those wanting to adventure away from the mainstream. Outdoor activity opportunities abound in this little discovered travel Mecca.