Monday, January 19, 2009

Traveling with Pets (3)

It is important that your pet have ID tags at all times. Our pets all have ID tags with our home number and address on them. We also include our RV license plate number on their tags, as we use our RV a lot during the summer. I have made "shrink it" tags as well. These are simple tags made using the craft "shrink it" sheets. I have made several "blanks" and I put their name and the name of the campground, camping site number and the phone number of the RV park or campground on these tags and punch holes in the top. I then put them in the oven and they "shrink" to a regular ID tag size. These are inexpensive to use and easy to create for each site you visit. If your pet should get loose while in an RV site these tags give your current location. Additional information may be placed on the tags, i.e. the address, etc. of your next destination. These tags helped us recover our dog who broke loose from his leash. He was found by another RVer in our campground who commented on how easy it was to find us because his tag contained our site number. We also use these tags when we are visiting relatives or friends and the dogs are with us. There are "professional" tags like these available, but this is an easy, inexpensive method. "Shrink It" sheets are available at most craft stores and cost about $3.99 for 10 sheets (8 1/2 X 11). You trace your outline on the sheets, write your information using a permanent marking pen, cut them out and place on a cookie sheet at 250 degrees for about 10 minutes.