Thursday, February 19, 2009

Collection Agency

Are you a company that is struggling with collecting bad debts? Collecting bad debts will greatly increase your profits which is very important in this struggling economy. You should hire The American Profit Recovery (APR) company as your collection agency . They have a proven system of collecting bad debts, and with this proven system, they are increasing the profitability of their clients. They have a far greater success rate then the other collection agencies, and they can reduce your costs and free up current staff that is used to collect bad debts. This company can locate the consumers who have moved or changed their phone numbers, and then they will attempt to collect the bad debt from the consumers or makes arrangements to solve the problem. This company takes a more diplomatic approach. They attempt to get the collection, but also works to keep the customer. They also charge a low flat fee per account instead of charging a large percentage. This way you are able to increase your profitability. You shouldn't have to pay a large percentage when most consumers just need a little nudge to pay their debt. So if you are having trouble collecting bad debt for your business, you need to checkout APR now and see how they can help.