Monday, February 9, 2009

Live Cheaply in a Foreign Country (Part 2)

My husband and I are thinking of retiring in the Philippines. How about you? The cost of living in the Philippines is not as bad as what they have here in the US. Now I am not saying is that US is not a good place to retire, but economically speaking Philippines is the best place to consider. If you are willing to leave behind the USA, UK, Australia or other high cost expensive country and live in a foreign country, you can live or retire on $200 per month.

  1. Get a passport. You need one to travel outside your country in most cases.
  2. Get a visa. You may need a visa to get into the target country.
  3. Pack up your things. Remember, you can pay the airline for extra boxes if needed. Or you can have them shipped. If shipping, FedEx is always best. Don't rely on the new country's postal system.
  4. If possible visit your target city as a tourist first for a week (or two) to get the feel of the place and see if you really would like to live there. Does it feel safe to walk the streets at night? How do the locals treat foreigners? Remember that as a tourist you will probably get a romantic impression of the country. Living there may be a totally different ballgame. Make sure you meet some expats who have been living there for a few years and ask them about their experiences.
  5. When you get to your target city, check into a 2 or 3 star hotel. You should be able to find one for $25 a night in China, for example.
  6. Meet your friends you made on the internet. Meet them in a public place at first. They will ask if they can help you. Say yes. Try to improve your relationship by eating some food or by visiting some of the local tourist spots together. Be very careful with the local food and drinking water at first. Check whether it is safe to drink the tap water.
  7. Continue to make friends with people you are meeting. After some time, you will meet people with connections, and they can help you find a nice apartment or a job, if you need one.
  8. Slowly rebuild your life in the new country - enjoying freedom from the current rat race of American society.


Wengss said...

Tama ka dyan Demz. We can live cheaply in philippines if we are using our savings from here.Kasi medyo malaki laki na ang value.
Kung mahal dyan sa inyo, mahal din dito sa amin. We pay tax everything we earn. kahit nga savings mo pag nasa level na na kailangan magbayad ng tax atomatic kunin agad hehe.Okey lang kung funds and stocks pero mataas parin kaltas.

But anyway balik din namn sa tao, walang korrupt. I dont want to complain more kasi its all equal naman sa lahat ng tao.

Chubskulit Rose said...

agree to the max of tenth power hahaha.. ganyan din sabi ni hubby, but mahirap din dun if ala kang job...

Umma said...

Ay naku sistah.. di type ni banana maglive sa Pinas..I keep on telling him life is good in Phils if u hv the moolah bec you can hire nanny, driver cheaper compare dinhi sa US.

I am convincing him na magpalit me ug house didto sa Pinas para investment pud.. hay! wala pa go signal... hahaha..

Type nya diri cguro kay naa man tanan ang family ug relatives nia gud. Super business minded pud masyado kaya sabi nya.. ano man ang buhaton didto sa Pinas ? Basi maboring sia didto after staying for couple of months. hahaha..

Pero agree man sia na magbakasyon kami ni YL for 2 months every year hahaha..

Grace said...

Hi Dhemz, I am here again. I dropped an EC.
May plano din kami mag-live sa Philippines, pero after 5 years pa siguro. Kayod muna kami dito para pang CD sa Pinas. he-he-he

Anonymous said...

nice post..
it is like backpacker journey..
been here visiting u

Anonymous said...

hmm ganyan din ang plano nmin ni hubby pag retire xa saka ayoko din dito tumanda he he

Pinay said...

Since nag early retired ako bana,pwede gyd unta mi puyo sa Pinas ba,ganahan mn sya sa davao pero na-a man gud sya ginatake na tambal mao na dili mi kapuyo didto.Wala man gud sya salig sa mga tambal ug sa medical system sa Pinas.

Kalami raba unta puyo didto kay dako gyd ang value sa iya pension while dri na igo igo ra gyd sa amo-a,labi na dri sa France dako ang ginabayad namo na taxes,didto lng na adto iya pension,kalagot.Hay sge gyd ko convince nya ba,ambot mausab ba kaha ni.