Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Dorothy L said...

Wow...that looks awesome. I have heard about the Grand Canyon...but I have yet to see it. Actually that is one of the best shots of it thus far.

Thank you so much for sharing a little bit of a vacation spot with us!

Have a very nice day!

chubskulit said...

ako din gusto maglkad dyan, feeling heaven ba manang...

nytnyt sis!

amiable amy said...

wow, that really is a popular place, most of the people i know , they been there... i love the pictures

Greg said...

wow..looks fun..we should do it again.. :)

Hi! I'm Grace said...

Wow! Nakakabilib! Kasama pa baby nyo. Nakakalula siguro.
I would like to try that, too.

Clarissa said...

Wooow!!I've seen the Grand Canyon on TV and I want to go there and experiece the SKYWALK,too!!Buti ka pa at nakapunta ka na dun!

Umma said...

hahaha.. cute ng pose nyo sistah.. mayo ka pa kay naka adto ka na sa grand canyon.. ako wa pa jud kay di ko ganahan sa mainit na lugar..hahaha.. hadluk ang beauty ko sa adlaw..

vhingF said...


one of my dreams ...hehehe
na never come true na yata..
hahaha old na me eh.

your bliss talaga nakarating ka dyan.

keep on going girl.

Amor said...

Great photos Dhemz!Gusto ko maka experience ani Dhemz.Sa voyage channel dri gipakita ang Skywalk sa Grand Canyon ,as in makahadlok gyd kay makita nimo ang ubos as clear kaayo kay glass man ang floor.

Strict lang kaayo sila kay dili ka pwede magdala ug camera tapos dili pod nakasapatos,ngek.

Next year puhon mi uli,I hope makaipon nami pamasahe ana kay crisis kaayo na.Nah,lisod kaayo ko magbuntis Dhemz,5 years before man gni ko nagconceived.Gusto ko magkababy girl,hay ambot lng ani.

anna said...

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