Friday, March 6, 2009


Cecile said...

Dhemz, thanks for sharing these pictures with us! Wow, nice photos! How I wished we can go back here again. The last time we went there was winter last year, so you can imagine how cold was that. We didn't get a chance to do and visit much because of the weather; but we will definitely go back there someday and when that time comes, it would be summertime :-).

amiable amy said...

pagka nindot sa pictures oyyy....i love the pictures you posted Dhemz...salamat for sharing ha

kittykat said...

Manang ngari na pod ko comment oi kay puno na nako to sa pikas..hehehe..oist..hawod diay ka mo-edit ug layout Day..pwde ko pa buhat sa imo??pila pod talent fee nimo manang??seryoso na ha..

anyways, ang akong anatal day is on April 10..good Friday jud siya manang..bawal ang pork..hahaha..

about me moving to the US dili cguro..di man ko ganahan diha oi..dawat nalang ko dollars ni mommy diri sa Pinas..mas dako pa ug conversion..hehehe..but maybe one of these days mobakasyon jud ko diha..sulongon taka sa imong payag..hahaha

Dorothy L said...

Hello...what lovely photos.

I enjoyed site seeing through your sharing of your trip.
Thank you so much for the free trip :)

Have a very nice day!

Hi! I'm Grace said...

Awesome photos, Dhemz. :)

Umma said...

Wow! ka nice man sad ka building sg LDS no? Daming budget man jud sila. hahaha..

Thanks for sharing sistah.. lami baya mga pose nyo diha..

AngelMist said...

Yeah, this is really an awesome place and sacred. It took 40years to finish building this temple. The conference center can occupy more than 20,000 seaters.

I'm happy for you to see the place!

Clarissa said...

Wow!!That was a nice place to go!!!Ang ganda!!Thanks for sharing--I really enjoyed your pics!!^_^

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