Monday, March 9, 2009

Salt Lake City Marina

After we had a tour at the Mormon Temple, we headed to the Salt Lake City Marina. Due to my curiosity of why they called it "Salt Lake", I intentionally tasted the water. And was...hehhe...very salty!

The first Mormon Temple built close to the lake...but apparently the structure wasn't able to they built a new one.


Anonymous said...

nice post :)

Cecile said...

pretty pictures, dhemz :-) thanks for sharing more of your trip to Salt Lake, am loving it!

amiable amy said...

nice ba sa place oyy...the marina here in biloxi MS was destroyed by Katrina Hurricane and they are still on the process of building it up

Her Glitter Life said...

I love all the picture you post Dhemz especially the trip at Salt Lake Utah. How far you guys from Salt Lake City?

I also love your new lay-out.. Talagang very talented ka. I am proud of you. Talk to you later.

Clarissa said...

I love your new lay-out!!
Thanks for taking me for a free trip through this pics!!I love it!!