Thursday, March 12, 2009

Welcome to Idaho

After spending 3 days in Utah, we headed off to Idaho. I was really disappointed going to Idaho. It seems like the place is located in the middle of nowhere. If you have plans on coming Idaho please change your itinerary...hehhehe! No offense but it's true, it's a bare place and it does rains a lot.

Just scroll down to see some of the photos!

I felt so strange when we passed few cities/town going to Craters of the Moon, guess how many people live there? Oh my goodness....we saw like 200, 500, 900 or something population. The town looks very creepy...hehehe!

Anyway, we did went to see the Craters of the Moon. That was the highlight of our trip. What makes me more disappointed was, I wasn't able to get anything from there. I mean I don't get any souvenir/s from Idaho.

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Rechie said...
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Rechie said...

Hehehhe, seems like the place is really in the middle of a nowhere..But the place would be cool kong dli lang cguro mg-ulan..or if you are just having a siteseeing while having a joyride..

By the way sistah..i got awards for> ..Just post this nalang if you have time..kong di na busy.. I was very busy yesterday jud...biyang tinuon.. I am not yet done with my final examinations.. I still have more this Monday and Tuesday..

Clarissa said...

hahahaaa!!nalibre mo uli ang trip ko to Idaho--isipin na lang natin na long drive yung trip nyo sa Idaho!

Umma said...

sistah, grabe cge jud laag ang mga beauty nyo diha ha? Inggit sad me sa inyo kay puede na kamo kalakwatsa..

Kami cguro, pag medyo big na si YL.. puede na ka road trip sad hahaha..

Post more pictures sistah, Am sure daghan pa diha ang gitago nimo di ba?

Mommy Liz said...

mukha bang disyerto ang IDAHO? galing diyan ang mga patatas diba? hehehe. eh mukha ngang di inulang ng ilang taon, parang puro alikabok ang daan. bakit ba naman nag travel kau ng winter time?

Cecile said...

mao ba, hay abinako ganda scenic view didto, well wa na mi ga plano adto sa Idaho, wa diay nice view , huh!