Sunday, April 19, 2009

Hawaii Tours and Activities

Are you planning a trip to Hawaii? If you want to see all that Hawaii has to offer, you should checkout the Hawaii Tours. They can take you around the islands so you do not miss any of the great attractions. You can get a tour of the Oahu which is the most populated island housing a total of 85% of all of the Hawaiian inhabitants. They are offering some special prices on the Oahu's most popular tours. The Ko Olina Dolphin Snorkel is only $107.50 and the KOS Movie & Lost Tour is now only $79. The Dolphin Tour will guarantee you to see a dolphin. You will be able to snorkel and swim with the Dolphins as well. You can also take tours of Maui which is another great tourist spot. The Discover the Road to Hana tour package is discounted to $114.99 and will allow you to see the Wai Kane Falls, the Puohokamoa Falls and a 20-foot fall that empties into a clear pool just off the Hana Highway. You will also be able to explore the waterfalls at Puaa Kaa State Park. So what are you waiting for? Before planning your next Hawaiin vacation, you need to checkout the Hawaiian tours so you could see all of the great attractions.