Monday, May 11, 2009

Graduation Announcements and Invitations

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amy said...

hala oyy, la pa nko nia na post...atot ,taas raba kaayo

tsang said...

halo gwafs, how was your mother day special hehehe? wer mo nagdate ni banana with the coach akesha.
Btw, thanks to your akesha and to you for the cards, the cheering squad photo i love it. imu jd sguro to gipugos imu mga iro pa stamp sa card sa hehehehe. Thanks kaayo gwafs, dako nku utang nimu dah hehehe
Dili lng ko maglangan tsang oi, ky mao pa sugd nku pamisita intawn, natapulan na sd ang tiguwang ug bloghop waaa. laag lng ko balik dri tom.Happy week gwafs and godbless smooch!!!!

rose said...

oiiist mayaman hehehe,m, malaki to manang ah... good job!

Hubbers said...

Please don’t use Vistaprint or recommend it to your readers.

Using Vistaprint could very likely lead to you being signed up to FAKE discount clubs and hundreds of dollars benig taken from you Visa/bank without your knowledge or permission.

I have a huge blog post with all the details of all of the different scamming sites Vistaprint and Adaptive Affinity run and how best to get a refund.

If you don’t believe me check this blog (on google cache since the site is now closed) and the hundreds of comments form people who have been ripped off!

According to the Washington Post this negative option selling scam earned the parent company Ventura $650 million in revenue in 2006.

If you have already used Vistaprint, start checking your bank statements.

amy said...

oyy mao ba? gamit man ako bana ani sa iya calling cards....okay ra man...usahay lang padal an ka pirmi email kung ma ilad ka, mo order ka, abi nimo FREE dili man diay totally...mao tingali....Okay ra baya...mag wise lang jud...
salamat sa pag post