Thursday, June 18, 2009

IP-COUNTRY Anonymous Proxy List

Did you know that credit card fraud and identity theft is one of the biggest problems facing consumers today. One way people can hack into your system is by using an anonymous IP address. There are ways that you can reduce the click fraud attempts, credit card fraud, and spamming caused by the Anonymous Proxy List servers that are meant to hide their identity and their IP address from you. The IP2Proxy detection can help you in your fight against these attackers and credit card thieves. They can reduce online credit card fraud for merchants, avoid identity thief, protect computer systems from anonymous access and reduce click fraud attempts. The IP2Proxy detection algorithm will use a massive number of servers and ports to scan all IP addresses that range in parallel to detect anonymous open proxy servers. It will then generate a proxy list that will be released to you every 24 hours. If you prefer hosting the service yourself, you can get the IP2Proxy XML Web Service from So if you are interested in increasing your website security, and reduce credit card and other types of fraud, then you should checkout IP2Proxy and see how they can help before you get attacked by anymore hackers.