Saturday, June 6, 2009

Scrubs Magazine

If you are interested in good living, you should check out Scrubs. This is the nurse's site to good living. They have a great article about looking younger called, “Wake Up Looking Younger”, written by Anita Bruzzese. She talks about five quick tweaks that you can do to improve the way you look. The first step is to get clean which requires you not go to bed wearing makeup. It becomes very important to moisturize which I find important because that can help your skin look fresh. The third item is to sleep right. Every expert discusses the importance of a good night sleep. You should be kissable meaning that you should maintain your aged and dry lips. The last item is to tame your stray hair. Those ungroomed eyebrows and chin hairs can definitely make you look older. I find all five steps to be very helpful tips on looking younger. They also have a good article called, “Nurses Nail It”. Nurses can be hard on their hands so the article gives some good information on maintaining your nails like don't use fake and acrylic nails. So if you are a nurse or want to get some good advice from a nurse, you need to checkout the Scrubs website.