Monday, July 13, 2009

Sell your Gold for cash online!

Are you looking for extra cash? If you have old jewelry likegold and diamonds that is laying around in your jewelry box, now it is the time to get rid of them and turn them into cash. You should visit to get started. offer the highest prices for your estate jewelry, along with friendly, professional service, and nearly 12 years in business with over 25 years of combined experience and expertise in the field of buying fine, used and broken jewelry. They are affiliated with other companies which buy and sell real estate and offer wholesale and investor refinancing. They offer a safe, simple and stress free solution to selling your unwanted 10 karat, 14k, 18k and 24 karat gold jewelry. They also accept platinum, silver, bracelets, engagement and class rings. You can give them a call at 602-694-5649 for a FREE consultation with no obligation, and they will provide you a jewelry quote within 5 minutes.

Here's how it works:
-The first step is to contact them so they can listen to what your needs are.

-They will provide you with a true assessed value of JEWELRY in your possession and their professional advice on several cash options that you can choose.

-They would then like you to decide if you would like to setup a time for you to come visit or choose the FREE SAFE PAK MAIL OPTION and receive a check in 24hrs.

-If you come to an agreement that you are completely satisfied, they will pay you cash on location or Fedexed out within 24hrs with no contingencies.

So what are you waiting for? You should sell your Gold for cash online!