Friday, August 28, 2009

Mommy Moments - Name Game

It's Friday once again.....time for Mommy Moments entry. This week's theme is NAME GAME. The theme was suggested by sis Genebei. So here's my piece.
AKESHA LOURICE APDIAN DIAS is Akesha's real name. Yep! You read it loud and clear. When I was pregnant, hubby and I made a list of baby names (boy/girl). We even tried combining our names but it doesn't sound! So I came up with the name Akesha....I barely remember where did I got that name from.....LOURICE (pronounced as loris) is a combination of my mother's name and MIL. LOU from Loudem and Rice from Janice Claire. I followed the filipino Apdian is Akesha's middle name (my family name). So I guess that sums up everything.

By the way, my name is a combination of my dad and mom's name. My dad's name is Maximo and my mom's name is Loudem. The spelling of my name supposedly is DEMXIE, but the registrar messed up my birth certificate to!

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