Monday, September 28, 2009

How to Take Your Electronic Devices Overseas

In few more months we are gonna be traveling to the Philippines. One of the most important things we need to bring is the voltage converter. Traveling overseas is not easy as it sounds. It is great to travel overseas, but if you bring electronics with you, you have to make sure the voltage on your device is correct.

If you would like to know how to take electronic devices overseas, here are some tips for you:
-To start, check the voltage of all the devices you plan on taking overseas. Most likely your device will say 100v or 110v. If it says 110v - 220v then your device is dual voltage, which means you won't need to convert the voltage when you travel.

-If your device is not dual voltage, don't worry - you can purchase a small step-down converter or transformer that will convert the voltage for you. You have to make sure the wattage on the converter is enough for your device. (If your device need 50W, you'll need a transformer with at least 50W as well).

-Once you have your converter and devices ready, you might also need a plug adapter, depending on where you're going. Most of the devices you can purchase in USA have thin, vertical metal prongs, whereas the standard overseas is round metal prongs.

-If you don't buy a plug adapter, your device (or even converter) might not fit into the outlets of the place you are visiting.

-If you plan on living overseas for a few years, the best thing to do is replace all your electronic devices, since constantly using a converter might wear it out.


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