Thursday, October 1, 2009

Make Money with Surveys?

For those of you looking to make some extra money and are looking into doing surveys, I wouldn't waste your time. We have been making some decent extra money from blogging, and I definitely would recommend that. However, my experience trying to do surveys hasn't been good at all. First, most of the surveys don't even pay you, but only enter you into a sweepstakes. My guess is that nobody ever wins. To me, that is the first sign of a scam. I could be wrong, but I would never know because I have never won a sweepstakes. Secondly, you have to answer all of these preliminary questions and then they tell you that you aren't qualified for the survey. I agree with many people who have posted in forums saying, "don't they already know about you? Why do you have to keep answering the same questions." If a person has answered these questions before, why do they have to continuously answer the same questions for each survey? Seriously, if you want to make a few extra dollars, try blogging, not surveys.