Friday, September 25, 2009

Mommy Moments:That's My Favorite

mommy moments
Oh my golly! I can't believe it is already Friday! Well, it's Mommy Moments time once again. This week's theme is "That's My Favorite". So here's my entry. For more Mommy Moments entry, just click the button above.
Since Akesha's 2 year old fave stuffed toy named "Puppy" got lost, we've decided to get her a new puppy. She called her "Sofie". I don't know where she got the name! She can't leave the house or can't go to bed without it.
Akesha's fave cartoon character is Dora. So most of her stuff are Dora characters, and I even decorated her room with Dora it me who is fond of Dora or Akesha?!

That's her fave puppy that got lost somewhere...we don't know where it went! And that's her 3 year old fave blanket.
Her favorite ride.....the Dora bike.

Introducing our little rockstar with her rockstar curly! Akesha is really into music. She either play her keyboard or her drum set.


Chubskulit Rose said...

Wonder why nangawala mga comments mo dito sa post na to sis hehehe.. Love ko yang dora bed hehehe