Saturday, October 17, 2009

Camera Critters: Squirrel

Taking pictures of birds, insects, butterflies, and other kinds of animals is one of my forte. When I got here in the US from the Philippines, I was very amazed and fascinated when I saw a squirrel. I haven't seen a squirrel before not until I moved here. I asked hubby before if I could bring the squirrel home, but all I got from him was a laugh. Oh dear! I thought I can pet!
Camera Critters
Our new place has a huge backyard with lots of fruit trees. So birds and squirrels are my regular visitors. One time I caught this little creature relaxing on the apple tree. He must be very full and took a short!

Anyway, I joined the meme I found online and this is my very first entry. It is called "Camera Critters". This is a weekend photo meme all about animals/critters, whether they be pets, wildlife, domestic animals, insects, birds, etc. It’s a weekend meme both Saturday & Sunday and it is hosted by . Would you like to join? Just click the button above.