Monday, October 19, 2009

College Painting

Are you interested in becoming an entrepreneur? If you are a college student interested in an internship or employment, you might want to checkout this Franchise Position. You can learn to run a painter business, and not just be a painter. If you have never painted before, have never run your own business, and you don’t have any money, this might be the opportunity for you. College Pro is a franchise system that doesn’t ask for any money up-front. College Pro will teach, support and coach you in the classroom and in the field. You will also gain hands-on experience that future employers will be looking for. You job during the spring is to do estimates for homeowners. You will learn how to properly price out the paint job using proven 35+ years standards. During the summer, you will train and oversee the workforce to complete the jobs you estimated in the winter time. This is a great opportunity to get some real world experience, and to be an entrepreneur. So what are you waiting for? If you are looking to make some money, and start your own business, you are going to want to check out College Pro today.