Thursday, October 22, 2009

COUPLE’S CORNER: The Day We Met/Dined Out

I know this entry is super late, but I am very persistent not to miss this episode. So anyhow, I supposed to join last week, but due to my midterm exam I wasn't able to participate the meme. I just want to thank Mami Liz for inviting me on her meme called "Couples Corner". The theme for this week is about "The Day We Met/ Dined Out". Thanks Mami Liz for the invite. For more stories, just click the button above.

I asked hubby earlier if he could share a little bit of his story. So here it goes.
"I was hoping to get married in my 20s, but that never happened for me. I am glad I didn't because I wouldn't have met my soul mate if I got married in my 20s. After I graduated from Sacramento State, I joined a penpal club where I met my wife. We corresponded through the mail for 8 months and then I went to the Philippines to meet her. She was a little reserved at meeting me because I told her that I was initially going to the Philippines to meet many of the women I was corresponding with. I actually went to Ethiopia one time to met someone that didn't work out, so this time I set up a schedule to meet about 5 of the people I corresponded with. However, Demcy was the one that I was more interested in meeting. I was getting ready to get on the plane to travel to the Philippines and the plane broke down which caused me to be delayed a day. Demcy was the only person I called to tell her I was going to be late. I was suppose to meet someone in Cebu first before I met Demcy, but because the plane broke down, I went directly to Cagayan de Oro and didn't go to Cebu. I called Demcy when I arrived and we made plans to meet at the hotel. I am sure she was nervous because I was. This was a blind date that was 3000 miles from my home. Demcy showed up at the hotel with her friend Janice and we introduced ourselves. We ended up talking a little bit, and she took me to her parents house. I enjoyed my time with her and her family and decided that I wanted to stay with her longer and not travel to see the other people I was planning on meeting. I sent them emails canceling my visit which upset some of them. But, I met my soulmate and got married on my second trip to the Philippines."

So here is my version of the story.
Hubby and I have known each other through letters. I wrote my first letter to him when I was in 4th year college. Yes, SNAIL MAIL! I am glad it worked for us. That time I was very busy, and going to internet cafe is a hassle and I have no time to chat with guys online. Most of them are nasty anyway(d naman lahat, yung sa nakita ko lang ha?!). We never chatted online,no phonecalls, and no strings attach. Plain and simple. We're just friends. After 8 months of corresponding, he told me that he is going to come to the PI and meet me in person. I was anxious and nervous at the same time. Who could ever thought that snail mail is still existing? I already knew that he's also corresponding with other women in the PI and he is also planning to meet them. I told him to cancel his trip to Cagayan de Oro when I found out that he is planning to go to Cebu first to meet this lady (nawalan ako ng gana na makipagkita sa kanya)lol!

Well the destiny brought us together(ang tadhana nga naman, kung d nasira yung eroplano d kami magkakatuluyan....waaaa!). Thanks to the broken plane! When I was about to leave the house going to the review center, I got a phone call from a landline number. My heart was pounding when I heard the voice. It was Greg on the line, telling me that he have arrived and wanting to meet me in person. I was shocked and very anxious. I did not expect anything from him anymore because I already declined our meeting.

So I put myself together after our shocking conversation. Then I asked one of my closest friends to go with me to meet Greg. We met at the hotel lobby. We shook our hands and we hugged. My first impression was, he looks like a geek with his eyeglasses on and he looks buff on his shirt. I am very hesitant to talk to him, but we have managed to have our conversation very well. I brought him to my parents village and met my folks there. Then we brought him to the mall and we had our dinner at Chowking. To end our exhausting day, we parted our ways with a hugged. He whispered into my ears "Thanks, will see you tomorrow". And that's how we started our relationship.
Abangan ang susunod na!