Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Couples Corner: We're In LOVE!

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Whewwwwww! Thanks Mami Liz for reminding me about your Couples Corner meme (sensya na ulinanin na kasi)! I'm just very busy handling marriage life, school, and! Anyhow, it is Wednesday once again...time to join Mami Liz's stimulating, inspiring, dramatic, gripping, stirring, thrilling, moving, sensational, rousing, exhilarating, electrifying, intoxicating, rip-roaring meme! (d ako nakahinga sa description!).....:)

This week's theme is "We're In Love". Here's my piece:
Greg and I have known each other through letters. Neither phone nor internet, just letters alone. I knew how he looks through the photo he sent me. We have no relationship, no flirtatious words, in short there are no strings attached between us. It was not really a bigger of a deal for me if we lose contacts because we don't have any serious relationship just like what you guys have. Ours was simple.

Our first meeting went very well. I brought him to met my folks and showed him my family's business, and I also brought him to our farm. The day after we met was my 21st birthday. He have no clue at all that it was my birthday. I invited him to our house to celebrate with us, but before that we went to church to lit a candle. You know in the PI culture, when it is your birthday you need to go to church to lite a candle and whisper your wishes to God.

Most of my wishes was granted (finished college and got a job), the only wish that it did not happen during that time was a boyfriend. I really asked a sign from God, that if he stays and will not meet the other women who he kept in touch with....he is the ONE. Honestly, I forced him to leave and insisted that he needs to meet those 4 women so he will get a chance to know them as well, however he made up his decision that he will spend more time with me. Oppsy doppsy! My first kiss was at that time! lol....:)

So we made a plan to go to Camiguin Island. And that was his late birthday present for me. We had fun and we got the chance to know each other more. We had some deep conversations about life, future and family. He knows about my perception in life, my dignity and my modesty. I am glad he respect my moral values. I thank the Lord God for not falling into temptation during that time. That moment I was pretty convinced that he is the right ONE!

After our Camiguin trip, he stayed at my grandparents house and took a ferry ride going to Cebu. The night before he left, he told me that "Demcy, I think I'm falling in love with you". I felt like I heard a solar crash where heaven and earth collide. Oh my golly gosh gosh! I was speechless.

While waiting for his trip going home, he stayed in Cebu for a night. When I got home from work, I got a phone call from him that he wants to see me before he leave the Philippines. I was shocked! So I hurriedly packed my belongings and told my parents about it. They were hesitant and I can tell the look in their eyes that they're not happy. I am glad we have a family friend who work at the ferry station, so I called him to book me a ticket bound to Cebu (free).

Supposedly the ferry should arrive early in the morning, but because the ferry had some mechanical issues I arrived there late. Greg wasn't there at the port station to fetch me, instead I saw a man holding a sign with my name on it. My gosh, that was so embarrassing! the taxicab driver told me that he brought Greg to the hotel back because it was too hot and he's all sweating.

When I arrived at the hotel lobby, Greg and I were so excited to see each other. He gave me a kiss and a hug (that was unexpected, feeling ata nya kami na...waaaaaa!) lol. We had lunch and went strolling a little bit. It was memorable. It was a sad moment for us though when I left him at the ferry station. While I was ready to take off, he called me and he did the sign language of "I Love You!". My heart was melted. I thought to myself, I am in love with him!

To be continued.......

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