Thursday, October 22, 2009

Mommy Moments - Tantrums Tantrums

mommy moments
Thanks for coming by people! It is time for me to participate the Mommy Moments meme once again. This week's theme is "Tantrums".

Here are some of Akesha's tantrum moments.....:)
Akesha and Buddy were playing under the table. Then a few minutes later I saw her tiny fist right on Buddy's eye (sinuntok ba naman ang kawawang!). Akesha got mad because Buddy stopped playing with her, so she punched him! Poor Buddy. I am glad that Buddy is so patient and he's always been a great big brother to Akesha.
Now this story is different. Buddy wanted to play catch with Akesha. So Akesha throw the toy and Buddy will catch it and will give the toy back to Akesha to throw it again. They get along for awhile, but then all in a sudden Akesha got mad because Buddy won't give the toy back to her anymore.

Akesha have tantrum moments that are worst than the photos above. However, I have no photos during those! For more entries, just click the button above.