Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Couple's Corner: I Do!

What's up people! It's Wednesday once again, and time for me to join Mami Liz's Couple's Corner meme. Thanks a lot Mami Liz for moderating this meme. Honestly, I wouldn't have the chance to share these photos without this meme.

It was November of 2004 when I finally said "YES" to Greg over the phone, and I was very anxious to tell my family about it. I know that it is a woman's dream to walk down the aisle with her white dress and so on.....but ours was a simple celebration with my family, relatives, officemates, and friends. We may not have a luxurious and a grand wedding celebration, but we had a wonderful time together. Someday soon... we look forward to renew our vows in the church...and that will be on our 10th wedding anniversary. You guys are all!

In the PI the wedding ring is place on the right side, however here in the US it is worn on the left side. My in-laws noticed about it, so I moved it on my left!

We had our simple ceremony and reception located at a private beach house near our town.

Here's my parents...they don't seem!

The Reception

Our Speech.....we both got teary-eyed.....

Then I cried.....

Then we kiss and hugged....

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