Wednesday, November 25, 2009

COUPLE’S CORNER: Misunderstanding

Hello everyone! I know...I know... I missed the last episode of Couple's Corner last week, I was pretty busy that time and was not able to participate. It is real hard to go to school, take care of the family, and then blogging. I feel like my brain is scattered all over the place....:)
Anyhow, this week's theme of Couple's Corner meme is " Misunderstanding". Alas! Mabubuko na ako nito!

Our differences give us ample fodder for conflict. I love to organize things and if necessary I labeled them. Greg do everything by trial and error and get squirmy sometimes. I am a stickler for every traditional manners – the hostess gift, the thank you note, the Christmas card, and everything I could think that people would appreciate me as I would appreciate them. Greg is vocal and I am not, which sometimes I drive him nuts.

Inevitably, these differences sometimes lead to fights. Hubby crave immediate resolution once a conflict erupts. He believed that “you should not go to bed mad”. I am more circumspect, I find myself too emotional. I walk out and stay away until I figure out exactly what I need to say, though it takes few hours for me to let my feelings out.

Our first big misunderstanding was when I was 5 months pregnant of Akesha. Here's the scenario. Hubby's couple friend met us in the driving range to play miniature golf with them. When we're there... we are having a good time hitting the ball and taking individual turns. I'm the last one to hit the ball, so I am always left behind. I was really mad because they just left me while I am doing my turn. How rude! They were busy chatting and laughing. Hubby did not even care to ask me if I am doing ok. Hello I am 5 months pregnant!

On our way home, he noticed that I was not talking to him or if he ask some questions...I will just shrug my shoulders or nod. When we got home I'm still not talking to him. He kept following me wherever I go. So I locked the bathroom door. He was fed up of my behavior because I kept avoiding him. He kept knocking on the bathroom door and raised his voice by saying "Open the door for pit's sake". I still did not open the door. I am 101% stubborn. He was pretty upset because he can't find the bathroom key. So he used a screwdriver and he finally opened the door. I was already crying before I told him everything. He felt sorry about what he did and said that he will never do that again.

Now that we are married for almost 5 years....arguments, disagreements, and blah blah is like a nature to us. We fight over our individual characters, my insecurities, and our differences. I think we all do. I mean every marriage faces a series of crises of disappointment, when one or both partners realize that the spouse is not able to help solve one's own neurotic problems. This is what marriage is all about! Matira ang! I am very fortunate that hubby is very patient and understanding. He always feel sorry even if it is not his fault. I love you hon!