Thursday, June 10, 2010

Traveling with A Toddler

Hubby and I started flying with Akesha when she was just 6 months old, and since that time, she has flown a few round trips, ranging from 1 hour to 16 hour flights. What a different world we live in. I did not ride on a plane until I was in my second year high school.
(waiting for the plane to arrive)
Traveling with my daughter is not a pain in the butt at all. She is a good traveler. She only complains if she's hungry/thirsty or if she wants to go potty. I am glad she knows how to entertain herself.
(waiting for the rental car to arrive)

Travel Tips:

When traveling in the car or on an airplane, a great entertainer reusable stickers. Your children can stick and re-stick them on the windows of the car or airplane. Also, lollipops are good for earaches during flying.

Take lots of children's stories and music on tapes, plenty of cheap toys, and new books.

Wrap individual goldfish, gummy bears, and (a small amount) of M&M's individually in aluminum foil. Small children will delight in unwrapping them to see what's inside. This is a great tip for plane rides.

Sounds obvious, but ... Make sure you have your children go to the bathroom before you leave the airport - and have something for them to do so you have a nice flight there and back.