Friday, July 23, 2010

Stratosphere, Las Vegas

Stratosphere Las Vegas is a tower, hotel, and casino located on the Las Vegas Strip in Las Vegas, Nevada. Its tower is also the tallest tower, and the 5th-tallest structure, in the United States, as well as being the tallest structure in Las Vegas.
The hotel is a separate building with 24 stories, 2,427 rooms and an 80,000 square feet (7,400 m2) casino.
Akesha was 6 months old the last time we went there.
The top of the tower has two observation decks, a restaurant known as "Top of the World" (revolving restaurant), and three thrill rides:

* Big Shot at 1,081 ft (329 m) is the highest thrill ride in the world
* Insanity, opened in 2005, at 900 ft (270 m) is the second highest thrill ride in the world; it dangles riders over the edge of the tower and then spins in a circular pattern at approximately forty miles per hour
* SkyJump Las Vegas, a controlled descent, Bungee jumping-like ride that will allow riders to plummet 855 ft (261 m) attached to a high speed, descent wire. SkyJump opened on April 20, 2010.
* X-Scream at 866 ft (264 m) is the third highest thrill ride in the world.