Saturday, July 31, 2010

You're Invited!

I would like to thank all the people who joined my first giveaway contest. Thanks guys! I've been trying to post my second giveaway contest for a long time, but I haven't gotten a chance to do it. So without further ado, I am going to launch my second giveaway contest from Vegas today. Plus, I added a little bonus!!! Hope you can join my giveaway contest!
The mechanics are simple:
1. Subscribe to these blogs: Dias Spot, Life's Perception, & Great Finds & Stuff
2. Follow these blogs: Dias Spot, Me & My Passion & Great Finds & Stuff
3. Add these blogs on your blog roll: Dias Spot, Me & My Passion & Great Finds & Stuff
4. Blog about the giveaway contest
5. Place the badge anywhere in your sidebar
6. And Add your link entry here.

If you have a few multiple blog accounts the better. Only one entry per account is qualified. Follow the rules and PLEASE don't forget to add your link entry.
A total of 10 participants will get the chance to win the giveaway contest (7 participants for LV giveaways and 3 participants for $25, $15, and $10).

There will be 2 separate drawings on August 30, 2010 (I just want to make sure all participants are on the list):
*a raffle draw for the Las Vegas giveaways
* cash prizes will be drawn through
Ten (10) lucky winners will be announced on September 1, 2010. Good luck everyone!



Sherry said...

subscribed using sherrygo at rocketmail dot com

following your blogs sherry


badge putting up at side bar.

Sherry said...

oh yeah forgot say blogs added to my blog list. already add link to your side bar

bambie said...

hi dhemz! i clicked the link ("here") and i was redirected here so here's the URL to my blog spot for your giveaway:

i followed all the blogs and the username is SUNSHINE.

i also subscribed to your blogs with this e-mail add:


seth said...

*Followed and subscribed to the blogs listed - Seth/
*Blog the contest here -
*Added the blogs listed on my blogroll and the badge on my sidebar here-

Chie Wilks said...

Hello sis, thanks sa invite,..apil jud ko oi..hehhe done posting my entry. Thanks for hosting another giveaway sis and goodluck to all participants!

Mel_Cole said...

Dia sab ko diri, hehehe, just wanted to let you know dhemz, apil sab ko!

Mel_Cole said...

Abi nako ug naay form, ani diri sa comment ibutang info sa mechanics nga natuman namo, Dhemz?

Here's my blog post about your Giveaway:

Subscribed to your 3 blogs:

Followed your 3 blogs:
Mel Cole

Added your 3 blogs:

Placed your giveaway badge at my right side bar.

Adding my link here, lols, hehehe
Good Luck to all and I hope I can win too :)

MJ said...

I hope it works I wanna have that lovely vegas giveaways...

Rossel said...

i will join agaun for sure. will post my entry later.

☆Mama Ko☆ said...

Excited of rthis second giveaway bayot, i just dying to win that hat ky ako to pulihan si elves presley sa vegas or si john wayne , aw sakto bana bayot waaaaa. buot buot uroy akong kunot lol. na hala tata sako ha.

btw, give me your new add tsang.

Fe said...

here's the link to my blog post:

subscribed to your 3 blogs :

followed thru google connect:
username: winchester

added your blogs to blog roll.

added your contest badge on my blog.

good luck to everyone !

Flowing Rhythms

MinnieRunner said...

Done with all the mechanics sis. Here's my blog entry:

Risma Hutabarat said...

Thank you for inviting me, Dhemz :)
Here's my link entry for the post:

I follow all your 4 blogs altogether and put 3 of them on my blogroll as you wished for. I also subscribe using

The badge is standing nicely on my sidebar and I'm ready to participate.

Thanks a lot

Risma Hutabarat said...

Here is another entry from my second blog, Dhemz

The badge is done and added your 3 blogs into my blog roll.

Enjoy your day

nuts said...

yey, i will join again of course. will post about this later...
sorry po, now lang ako naka hop, di ako maka visit maayos at intermittent connectn ko, kaya nag leave muna ko sa blogging..

Mel Avila Alarilla said...

I have already placed your contest in the sidebars of all my blogs for better awareness from my readers. I hope your contest becomes very successful. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.

gelai said...

Helo there,..first time to join your contest..

Anyway, here's my entry..

-subscribe to your 3 blogs using
-followed your blogs, "gelai"
-added your 3 blogs to my link list..
-blog about the contest..

-and had your badge on my sidebar..

..thank you...goodluck to you..and god bless..

lina@women's perspectives said...

I join, here's my link:

Have done all terms, Dhemz.
Have a nice week end :)

Katherine said...

I'm following your blogs :-)

♥FreakyehS♥ said...

Bayot naka enter na gyudko hehehe. here is the link

followed all your blog using this email

subscribed and addedd all your links hehehe. na hala raffle na jok lng

kat said...

I am in nowwwwwwww...wish me luck San Bartolome, San Jose Califonia, San Antonio Texas...waaaaaaa.

well, i subscribed it here:


MKmA said...

I'm joining this giveaway contest.

1. Subscribe to three blogs using
2. Follow three blogs using Mga Kwentong ma Alamat
3. Added three blogs to my blogroll
4. Placed the badge at my sidebar
5. Blogged about this giveaway contest

anne said...

At long last I posted na may entry and its here already subscribe, followed and put the great finds and stuff in my blog roll, rest are already added before. Hehehe btw Mommy Dhemz did i tell you that the package you sent is in my husband's hands na, I am just waiting for him to arrive hehehe thanks ulit

eden said...

Moapil ko ani Dhemz. Akong epost somtime this week na. Thanks for inviting me. Hope I will be lucky this time..hehehe

redamethyst said...

=subscribe to your feeds using

=followed your blogs

=added the three blogs on my blog roll

=badge on my side bar

=blog about it here;