Sunday, November 7, 2010

How to Not Be Scared of Huge Rides

We are all aware that many people are scared of big, huge or fast rides, and miss out on the fun. However, there is a way to lower the level of your fear.

- Build up the courage is to force yourself not to believe that rides are that scary.

- Get ready for the trip to the theme park.

- At the theme park, savour the feeling of all the little kids running round having fun!

- Sit on the ride with your closest buddy or family member, who has experienced large rides tons of times.

- Realize that nothing is going to happen to you and that thousands of people have ridden the ride before with no problem.

- Relax, and do not tense up.

- Get some photos if you on the ride.

- Try the ride again or go on a different ride and repeat the steps.


zh3en22 said...

Great Tips Mrs.D

kaya lang,makitako pa lang yung rides especially that one in the picture, nakakatakot na talaga...

Lulu Post said...

heheh mura man ug expert ang nag advice ... mura ug musakay dili ra ba lol

Unknown said...

di uroy ko kay di kayang i-set akong mind na di lagi na hadluk waaaa...di ra ba jud pwede parahon sa tunga kay munaug ko waaaaaaa

Chubskulit Rose said...

Nice tips sis.

Unknown said...

I don't have fears when it comes to rides! it's only in our mind I guess. Don't be scared, just enjoy the ride:)
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