Thursday, February 17, 2011

Cross-Country Skiing

It's been quite awhile since our last snow adventure. When we used to live in California, we always drive up to sierra mountains each year to see snow. It's been part of our tradition for years, but not anymore.
Akesha was less than a year old when we brought her with us to go cross-country skiing. It was her first snow experienced.
Strapped and all bundled up! She did not even cry or get fussy during our walks. She's always been a good traveler ever since she was born.
I was a rookie at that time. I think I fell a gazillion times. I'm not always fond of snow...brrrrrrrr! One day of fun in the snow is good enough for me.
This is my entry for this week's Nostalgia. Thanks to sisRose for hosting....:)


Verna Luga said...

Haguy... sa picture palang daan brrr.. na jud Dhemz... nalingaw ko ni akesha...cute!

Eden said...

Wow, nice pics, Dhemz. kabaga sa snow oi. Cute kaayo si Akesha.

Gen said...

Kabugnaw kaayo ani pero the experience worth man sab. hehe Happy Nostalgia diria.

Mine is here

Shengkay said...

yay! in full pin talaga? girly2 kaayo ka mommy dhemz! hehehe..

ay..cute ni akesha..a traveler indeed!

heres mine..

mommy Orkid Belle said...

This is what I have always wanted is to go and trying skiing someday. I am sure it is fun and again I love the snow and the cold so it sure won't bother me just as long as I am all bundled up and ready to go. hehehe... Akesha looks cute on daddy's back. Same with Harley, he never complains everytime we go for a hike somewhere. He loves it! :) So cute!

Adin B

Mel_Cole said...

me too, i wish i could try cross country skiing but I'm pregnant this year. Next year na lang. hehehe. Cute kaayo ang mga pictures nimo dhemz, pink na pink!

anne said...

Speechless Mommy, kundi BRRRRRRRRRRRR hehehe visiting you back here

Chubskulit Rose said...

Danda danda ng nakapink hehehehe... Naku, I will die siguro if I go skiing lol.. Nice photos sis.

Daan lang ako sandali, am so exhausted weeee. Thanks for the greetings to hubby's birthday!!

☆Mama Ko☆ said...

all geared up mn d i kaayo mo tulo for the snow and ski adventures. diha d i sa texas tsang wala? layo ra ba mo sa vegas diha?

Im sure you miss that ski tradition adventures you guys had in Cali.

Clarissa said...

bbbbrrrr!!picture pa lang nilamig na aketch!!Haven't tried skiing but love to experience--for the sake of photos lol!You're so pretty in pink!

HAppy Nostalgia dear!

jansbasic said... are so cute dhems on that pink attire:) What a lovely adventure with the family!


Mel Alarilla said...

That must have been an experience worth remembering since it was your very first adventure experience in snow. Akesha was very little then and she was all bundled up like a suman, hehehe. You must have been freezing to death during that time especially since you kept on falling in the snow during your skiing adventure. Now you are in Texas and the weather there is much warmer than in the mountains of California. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.