Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Initially, I was going to call it "Rock of LOVE" but I realized it sounds very! Anyhow, I had this rock for a couple of years now. Hubby bought it at the base during his duty in the Air Force.
The first thing he said when he got home was "Honey, I got you something for your garden. I hope you'll like it" hahhaha...I thought he found it somewhere and brought it home. It's cute though! 


kat said...

ay cute jud...kung ako ana, di nako na ibutang sa garden...didto lang sa living room hehe

ako nostalgic tua sa mom's place..ehehe

nuts said...

definitely a rock that symbolizes the love of your husband, as strong and as solid as a rock!

imriz said...

cute nga naman...

chubskulit said...

It's gorgeous sis hehehe. I would love to have one lol... Am sure EJ would love to get one of those for his rock collections. Ahhh memories, memories, it is so much fun to reminisce!

John said...

You can't call it RoL because that is the show of that AfAm hehehe.

My Nostalgia

Mel Cole said...

How thoughtful of your hubbz yotch and that stone is perfect for your garden's accent and it attracts visitors to your house.

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