Monday, August 8, 2011

My secret is that I love Pretty Little Liars

Guest post written by Melissa Holbrook
There's a big theme in the TV show Pretty Little Liars about the main characters keeping all kinds of secrets, be it from each other or just from anyone else outside of their group. But I also have a secret too, that I guess isn't such a secret because I'm writing a blog post about it. But I love Pretty Little Liars. It's one fo those shows that I don't really want to like, but I love!
It's just such a juicy concept and wondering who A is really is stringing me along for the ride. After I was looking through some spoiler blogs for what's supposd to happen for the rest of the season, which I think is really based on what all happens in the books, I saw the website After I looked through it some I decided to change over my apartment's internet service to it.
It isn't just the mystery though that has me watching the show. It kind of takes me back to how catty some people were in high school and I'm relieved that I'm no longer in it.


Chubskulit Rose said...

Buti pa dito may guest post hehehe..

☆Mama Ko☆ said...

naka grab ko isa ra mn ka GP tsang.

ganahan sd ko tan aw aning pretty little liars hehehe, ok ra mamakak basta pretty hehehe, makakanta mn sd ko sa akong theme song uy .. bakakon ka, liar evil ka hehehehe, awa kanta nlng hinuon ko LOL