Thursday, July 26, 2012

Robert Wadlow

Do you know who's the tallest man in the world? Robert Pershing Wadlow was the tallest person in history for whom there is irrefutable evidence. He is sometimes known as the Alton Giant or Giant of Illinois because he was born and grew up in Alton, Illinois. He's 8 ft 11.1 inch in height and weighed 439 lb. I can't imagine myself being that tall. 
How tall are you?
Photos were taken during our visit to Ripley's Believe it Or Not museum in San Antonio.


Jerla Oh lalala said...

Yay! pgka taas ana. wonder if that person is still existing or history nlamang? married or not? hhmmm interesting gyud. di na pwede satong pultahan kay pakong gyud lol

thanks for joining 366 BPC

wifetoalineman02 said...

woohoo! pagkataas na lng jud ana ni Robert Momi Dhemz :-) taas pud iya ana cguro no nyahaha Dropping by from BPC.

United States said...

mag unsa nalang kong inani ka taas atong mga bana......

from BPC...

Emzkie said...

wow! wala dyud naka beat sa iyang record. naa man tallest living person karon pero 8 ra man to sya. ka taas ba no? dolbehon ka sis dhemz. hehehe. naa man daw na sila tumor sa pituitary gland. kining pituitary gland kay mao man ga control sa atong hormones, mao ng na apektohan iyang growth. cge tubo wala na ni stop. hay.. akong niece gani sa side ni teban naa pud ani na sakit, 12 years old palang sya 7ft na daw. ana akong bana. pero karon nag stop na iyang growth. hay ka hadlok na cge ka tubo ba no? dili dyud ka ma minyo. hehe may nalang mga petite ta. =D
from BPC

Carmel Cole said...
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Carmel Cole said...

is he the one being cast as Lurch in Adam's family? amazing how tall he is. enjoy kaayo mo sa inyong photos yotch :D

Bless said...

Wow, humungous of a person :-) He is really very tall. Can't imagine what to do if I am that tall :-)

Visiting for BPC!

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