Monday, August 6, 2012

Camel Bone Carving

One of the many interesting and cool displays I saw during our Ripley's Believe It Or Not tour was a camel bone carving.
The intricate carving is really amazing!
According to my research, this beautiful piece of wonderful artwork is hand carved by hand in guangzhou, China. The title of this lovely work is blessing by Kwan Yin. In Chinese it read as Kun Yam Chi Fook. This work is an inspiration of thousands of artist and writer and writers of Chinese legend.  The artist carved 2 dragons on each of the tusk and on the center is the ancient chinese lamp accompanied by hundreds of figurine, fairies, goddess and crane. There are also temples, pagodas, trees and flowers.
The bone carving will last forever. It will only turn to a little bit yellowish naturally as time goes by and the bone ages, which makes it look more antique. This carving is made of camel bone that looks very much like ivory.


Lulu Post said...

wow hand carved... he got a talent for sure!

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Ciela said...

What a lovely work of art! Nice to know that it's not only ivory that can be intircately hand carved, even camel bones din pala! Amazing talaga!

Be well and stay happy as you always are, Dhemz! God bless!

PL said...! truly intricate and so detailed... a masterpiece. so nice..217 BPC visit here.

Unknown said...

So beautiful! The one who carved it is so gifted!

Unknown said...

waaaa. this looks super cool...:))

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Emzkie said...

wow that is totally cool mommy Dhemz. dako diay ug bones ning Camel no. artistic kaau ba.. loveit!

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Unknown said...

it's amazing on what you can do on a bone specifically of that Camel. i love the intricate sculpture. fantastic! visiting from 366 bpc yotch, my #217 blog photo challenge is here:

Jessica said...

that is one art work that is beyond amazing Momi Dhemz :-) so beautiful :-) Dropping by frokm BPC.