Sunday, August 19, 2012

Gather Your Old Jewelry to Sell for a Profit

Every day the news is getting worse and worse as the economy keeps losing ground. Unemployment is up over 8% and the sad thing is that the price of gasoline, electricity, water, utilities and food are going up consistently. Most people are even cutting back on necessities just to survive and there is no extra work at the moment to be found, even if they wanted to work a part time job. There are other ways to make some additional money to ‘tide you over’ until things level out and one of the most innovative ways is to gather your old jewelry to sell for a profit.
The Best Jewelry to Sell
Although people assume that antique jewelry and high value watches and gems are the best items to sell, this is not always the case. What about those old silver and gold necklaces which have been broken for many years and you never got around to taking to the jeweler? Gather your old jewelry to sell for a profit by all means, but remember that you are looking for the highest price possible because you need that money. This is where it can become a bit tricky because there are a number of outlets and you want to know that you are going to get top price for your old treasures.

Steer Clear of Brick-and-Mortar Establishments
Perhaps you never thought of it in just this way, but local jewelers and pawn shops do buy used jewelry to melt down or take the stones out to reset, but they have high overhead to meet. Just as you might be having trouble raising money to pay bills and buy groceries, those shops also have to pay rent, employees and cover a multitude of other operating costs. For this reason, online resellers can usually offer the most money for your old jewelry simply because they have less overhead and can pass those savings onto you. If you want to make the highest profit when you sell gold, consider where you will reap the most money.

While everyone is hoping that the economy will pick up soon, there seems to be no end to this recession in sight and economists are projecting that it will continue to be at low levels throughout the coming year as well. Why not get the highest price you can from that old jewelry to have a nice tidy nest egg on hand for that proverbial rainy day?

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Chubskulit Rose said...

The gads just hiked up again. We did this once over here, we sold my bracelet more than what we originally paid for.

Miss lang kita sis hehehe..

Petula said...

When my marriage first ended I sold everything I could think of to make a little money and since then I've sold more belongings here and there. I've found that antiques have been the hardest to sell because they don't garner the money they should if you don't know where to go or have valid contact. Cool post!