Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Spurs Suite Guest Pass

Hubby and I are super excited! Ayay, we got complimentary suite guest pass tickets to watch the NBA game live this coming Friday! Thanks USAA for this awesome opportunity. You guys are AWESOME!!! It's been 6 years since hubby and I watched NBA games. 
We will be seating near the court since we got the special tickets. Who knows you might see us on TV this coming March 8th.


Rcel said...

Yay motan-aw ko sa TV ug pangitaon ta ka Dhemz! Ibog mode ko! Wa pa jud mi katan-aw ug NBA. Sa IL pa mi sauna, hapit mi katan-aw sa Chicago Bulls, pero wa natuloy kay nagbagyo man to, we didn't dare drive. LOL. Regards ko kang Parker Dhemz! LOL. Uban si Akesh?

BPC hop!

Chubskulit Rose said...

THat's awesome, kakaexcite hehehe..

emzkie said...

that is cool mommy dhemz! akong bana disgusted sya anang NBA hehe.. mao ng walay ka sports sports ning mga tao diri. pero ganahan ko mu tan aw sa una. karon dili na. =)

BPC hop!