Monday, October 28, 2013

Find a Qualified Hypnotherapist

Miraculous but often misunderstood, hypnotherapy can help you with everything from bad habits to repressed memories. If you're considering hypnotherapy as an alternative or supplement to traditional medicine, here are nine reasons it's worth taking the plunge.

1: Low Cost
Hypnotherapy doesn't require any expensive medications or treatments. You don't have to pay for things like hospital stays, special classes or over-the-counter drugs. All it costs is the price of your session.

2: Treatment for Anxiety and Depression
Mood disorders aren't your fault: They're a symptom of faulty wiring in the brain. Hypnotherapy will navigate these circuits and soothe the problem areas that control things like stress, anxiety, lethargy, et cetera.

3: Breaking Bad Habits
Say goodbye to the excuses and bad behaviors that have been holding you back. From unhealthy eating to cigarette smoking, hypnotherapy will help you erase the habits that you just can't defeat on your own.

4: Pain Relief
Stop poking yourself with needles or chugging a cocktail of drugs in hopes of managing your pain. Choose hypnotherapy instead, the all-natural option with no mystic chanting, no unpronounceable labels and no side effects.

5: Availability
Hypnotherapy is a thriving and ever-growing practice across all regions of the U.S. For example, Illinois hypnosis employs more than two dozen NBCCH-certified businesses alone! You won't have any problem finding hypnotherapists in your area, not with its increasing popularity and rapid expansion.

6: Control
Hypnotherapy isn't like what you see on TV. No one clucks like a chicken or gets hypnotized to commit jewelry heists. You're in control the entire time, putting you firmly in the driver's seat of your own treatment.

7: Convenience
Struggling to fit therapy into your busy schedule? Unlike traditional therapy, which can require weeks of commitment before seeing a breakthrough, hypnotherapy will show you real results in just one session. Additional time offers better results, of course, but if you simply don't have the hours in the day, hypnotherapy gives the most bang for your buck.

8: Building New Skills
In addition to breaking old habits, hypnotherapy can also strength the foundations of new ones. For example, if you'd like to improve your public speaking skills, hypnotherapy can break past your mental blocks and shine light on what's really holding you back.

9: Overcome Your Phobias
Do you suffer from a debilitating or embarrassing phobia? A little-known fact about hypnotherapists is that they can use their skills to help you "unlearn" even the most stubborn and deepest-held fears. Take back control of your life and laugh in the face of what used to frighten you!