Sunday, October 6, 2013

The Gully Washer

One of my family's favorite water rides in Six Flag Fiesta Texas is the Gully Washer. My daughter loves the bumpy and thrilling water adventure. She can ride all day long!
The Gully Washer has one lift hill and several ways to get you wet during the ride.
"Once riders gets to the station and get on one of the several rafts, the raft goes through the man made river in Crackaxle Canyon with several dips and turns."
Soaking WET!
Hubby and daughter went on this ride four times. Geez, they just loved the water splashing through their faces. I went with them on the first ride and got totally soaked! It was really fun. Thanks to USAA for the complimentary tickets.


amandaautismx2 said...

Hey Dhemz... Long time no see. How you been? Look at that little she is getting big! Thought I would drop in to say hi. Hope you are having a wonderful day...send me a note sometime and let me know how you are doing.