Monday, November 25, 2013

Get the Right Filter Delivered to Your Door

At there is an excellent selection of PureSource water filters for your Frigidaire refrigerator, which will purify the water and ice system. Lead, chlorine, mercury, alachor, herbicides, atrazine and many other contaminants or substances are removed or reduced by PureSource filters. Replacing the water filters regularly will ensure that water will taste better and the purchase of bottled water or the use of filtered pitchers is totally eliminated.
PureSourcePlus Water Filter (WFCB) - 2 Pack
The filter particulates are reduced by more than 98 percent, while chlorine is reduced by 96 percent. The NSF International certifies these water filters following their rigorous testing following the NSF/ANSI Standard 42.

The regular changing of filters will also eliminate odors. It is important to get the correct filter for your refrigerator. Available Frigidaire water fillers include:

PureSourcePureSourcePlusPureSource 2PureSource 3PureSource Ultra
Water filters are easy to change and only take a few minutes. The frequency for the changes depends on the water supply.
Municipal water requires a new PureSource water filter every six months.Well water requires a more frequent change, which would be between three and six months.Noting visible particulates in your water means it's time to change your water filter now. Frigidaire has a filter replacement program. Subscribing to this program will ensure scheduled, automatic deliveries of water filters every six months. Other benefits include free shipping, and the filters are discounted.

The PureSource 2 filter recently received an upgrade in the strength and material for the cassette as the clear material has been changed to a white material. The testing of the filters cysts improved to 99.9 percent, turbidity to 99.7 percent and all the other particulates listed above are almost entirely eliminated.

The use of a refrigerator water filter wrench or a new O ring will also help keep the water filters easy to change and guaranteed clean water. The PureSource water filers may also be purchased in packages of two, so there will also always be one on hand. The two pack water filters are designed to fit the following model numbers:

As the filters are tested and certified by NSF International for quality and optimal performance, with this filter assuring families this is the best decision for their water quality.