Thursday, November 14, 2013

Pattu Pavadai

The Pattu pavadai or Langa davani is one of the traditional dresses in South India for young girls and children. Pattu means "silk" in southern parts of India. The pavadai (or pavada) is a tube- or cone-shaped garment that hangs down from the waist to the toe and is usually woven using silk.
Young girls between puberty and marriage wear pattu pavadai or davani (Langa oni). People often wear pattu pavadai to traditional functions and decorate themselves with jewelry.
Daughter finally got to wear her pattu pavadai that she got from our friend's parents all the way from India. She had the dress a year ago but it was a little bit bigger on her then. Now, it fits her really well! She's like our little Indian princess that day with her bindi and bangles cute! 
A friend of ours who happens to be an Indian took us to the Diwali festival last weekend. I really love their food and their culture. I'll post more photos during the Diwali celebration.