Monday, January 20, 2014

Dealey Plaza

Dealey Plaza is a Dallas city park, land donated by early Dallas philanthropist and businesswoman, Sarah Horton Cockrell, completed in 1940 as a WPA project on the west edge of downtown Dallas where three streets converge (Main Street, Elm Street, and Commerce Street) to pass under a railroad bridge known locally as the triple underpass. The plaza is named for George Bannerman Dealey (1859–1946), an early publisher of the The Dallas Morning News and civic leader, and the man who had campaigned for the area's revitalization.
I heard that some people think that these structures are dedicated to President Kennedy, but the predate was 1963. The actual Dallas monument to Kennedy, in the form of a cenotaph, is located one block away.
According to Wikipedia, The Dealey Plaza Historic District was named a National Historic Landmark in 1993 to preserve Dealey Plaza, street rights-of-way, and buildings and structures by the plaza visible from the assassination site, that have been identified as witness locations or as possible assassin locations.